News Article - November 20, 2008

New Security Lanes In Place At Philly Airport  
  PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) - Philadelphia International Airport is trying to make it a little easier for passengers with a series of special lanes at security checkpoints. With less than a week before the busy Thanksgiving travel season, major airports around the country are unveiling new security checkpoint lines to help move the crowds.

   At select airports, including Philadelphia, passengers will find three lane designations: diamond (expert), blue (casual) and green (family or medical).
- Diamond: Frequent travelers that are familiar with security guidelines should use the diamond lane.
- Blue: Those who are familiar with the guidelines, but do not want to be rushed at the checkpoint should use the blue lane.
- Green: The green lane is reserved for unfamiliar flyers, families with small children and those who require additional assistance or have medical needs.

Philadelphia International has had the new lanes in place for approximately two weeks. Officials said the system is currently running at 50 airports. So far, the green lane has proved most efficient and is now up an running at airports across the country.

Source - CBS3