News Article - November 14, 2007

  If your back yard sounds like an airport runway, Philadelphia's aviation department would like to hear from you Thursday. The city is conducting the fourth of five public hearings on noise from Philadelphia International Airport between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. at Paulsboro High School on North Delaware Street. The hearings are part of a five-year effort to reduce noise that began in May 2003, said spokeswoman Phyllis Van Istendal.

   Complaints from residents in Delaware County, Pa., have produced a residential sound-insulation program for eligible homes in Tinicum Township. The airport plans to install additional noise monitors in Delaware County at the request of angry residents. Airport noise has been a hot topic this year as Philadelphia International prepares to expand its runways and struggles with its dismal on-time record. In September, the Federal Aviation Administration released its final redesign of airspace over New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut, its first major change since the 1960s.

   Fearing increased noise from more aircraft flying at lower altitudes, opponents have filed 11 lawsuits representing segments of the 29 million residents within earshot of the major airports covered by the plan. The purpose of the hearings is to listen and "evaluate appropriate mitigation measures based on any potential impacts that may result from the airspace redesign," Van Istendal said.

Source - Courier Post