News Article - November 09 2006

Overseas Flights Delayed From PHL
  PHILADELPHIA (AP) - November 9, 2006 - About two dozen overseas flights have been delayed and some have left without all the passengers' luggage due to problems with a baggage conveyor in the past week, US Airways and Philadelphia International Airport officials said. Over six days, 25 flights were delayed, US Airways spokesman Philip Gee said. Isdell said airport officials, who are responsible for maintaining the belt, are trying to determine if the problems are due to design, a heavy load of bags on the belt or the way US Airways employees are using it.

   In most cases, US Airways was able to use a second conveyor belt to get bags to flights to the Caribbean and Europe, Isdell said. He said no other airlines were affected. US Airways said at the time of its third-quarter earnings report on Oct. 26 that it would focus on improving baggage service at Philadelphia International Airport.

Source - AP