News Article - October 31 2006

Federal grants to airport totalled $38M for year
  Philadelphia International Airport announced on Monday it had received a record $38 million in federal grants during the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. It is the highest amount of federal funds awarded to the airport during a fiscal year since the Airport Improvement Program was introduced in 1982. The Federal Aviation Administration administers the program's grants. A total of $38,027,815 was earmarked for five projects at the Philadelphia International Airport and one at Northeast Philadelphia Airport. The projects are:

   * Design and construction of Runway 17-35 extension ($25,463,583) -- Will extend the runway by 1,040 feet, which will permit greater use by narrow-body aircraft and help alleviate congestion on two major runways. Construction is under way and expected to be completed next year.

   * Design and construction of Runway 9R safety area ($4,575,000) -- To lower extent of injury and aircraft damage if aircraft leaves the runway. * Environmental impact statement for capacity-enhancement program ($4 million) -- Most recent allocation for the study of environmental impacts that could result from major changes in the airfield configuration. Expected to be completed next year.

   * Reconstruction of cargo apron, Phase III ($2,212,239) -- For reconstruction of a portion of the cargo apron ramp area. * Purchase of new aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle ($600,000).

   * Northeast Philadelphia Airport airfield electrical work ($1,176,993) -- To replace existing taxiway edge lighting with new bases, conduit, cable and fixtures to provide easier maintenance.

Source - Philadelphia Business Journal