News Article - August 08, 2007

Former Overseas Terminal Planned for New Long-Term Parking At PHL  
  The parking crunch at Philadelphia International Airport could ease slightly in about six months as officials plan to add some new long-term parking spaces. Currently the airport has about 6,000 economy lot parking spaces, but 800 more could be in place by early next year: "We're trying to do as much as we can to give as many spaces as possible for visitors to the airport."

   Linda Miller is spokesperson for the Parking Authority, which handles parking at the airport. The Authority is to assume control of the old overseas terminal that was closed in the early '90s, and they hope to demolish it in the next few months to put up a parking lot: "Once the demolition is done, the next step would be to do the asphalt paving. If that's completed, then hopefully we can do that within the next six months and that depends upon the weather." This will be a surface lot. Any additional garage space would come as extensions of existing garages, and there are no firm decisions on that yet.

Source - KYW1060