News Article - August 10 2006

Passengers React To New Airport Restrictions
  (CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Passengers arriving Thursday at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in South Philadelphia were surprised to learn that no liquids would be allowed in their carry-on luggage. Before dawn, all commercial flights domestic and abroad at PHL issued a ban on all liquids. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ramped up all security to code orange high threat for all domestic flights.

   Passengers were forced to discarde all liquid items in their bags. One passenger said she lost, “Lots of perfume and hair products.” Lines at the security checkpoint stretched up and down the pedestrian ramp way. The delay was caused by a security’s closer check for any liquids in carry on luggage. One security official said they confiscated colognes, perfumes, toothpaste, hair gel, hair spray.

   Many early morning passengers were unaware of the extra security measures until they actually reached the security check point causing longs delays and lines. Some of the lines at terminals have since diminished from this morning. Passengers on flights from Great Britain, that are expected later today, will be flying under a code red condition.

Source - CBS 3