News Article - August 09, 2007

US Airways fires baggage workers accused of falsifying overtime  
  PHILADELPHIA - US Airways said it has fired more than a dozen baggage handlers accused of falsifying overtime records on the airline's computerized timekeeping system. The employees, whose names were not released, were accused of obtaining managers' computer passwords to get access to the computer system and altering records to make it look as if they had worked overtime when they did not, said Andrea Rader, a US Airways Group Inc., spokeswoman.

   "We're in the process of interviewing 100 to 150 people," Rader said. "We fired, at this point, about 15." She said the airline had not ascertained how much it had paid employees for hours they did not work.

   US Airways has 1,664 ramp employees at Philadelphia International Airport, and managers at the airport say dismissing even 100 or more would not seriously affect baggage handling, Rader said. US Airways fires baggage workers accused of falsifying overtime

Source - Philadelphia Inquirer