News Article - July 24, 2007

Regional Airport Plan Would Reduce Flights at PHL  
  A Pennsylvania state legislator says diverting flights from Philadelphia International Airport to several regional airports would improve air traffic and reduce noise pollution. Delaware County Congressman Bryan Lentz pushed a bill to combat overcrowded conditions at PHL during the House Transportation Committee hearing on air traffic control Monday. He says the state needs to create a regional airport authority to work out agreements with regional airports and airfields to absorb excess flight traffic from PHL.

   "It's just replicating what's been done in Massachusetts and New York where the port authorities run multiple airports in order to best manage increases in traffic," said Lentz. "It's projected that Philadelphia will go up over 700,000 flights by the year 2025 which is well over its capacity." A plan recently considered by the Federal Aviation Administration would allow PHL flights to fly over Delaware County to accommodate a growing number of flights from the airport.

Source - Fox 29