News Article - July 22 2006

Thousands Of Evacuees Arrive At PHL
  (CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Thousands of Lebanese evacuees are on their way to the United States. Flights started coming in late Friday night and will continue to arrive through late Saturday afternoon. A North Jersey woman came to Philadelphia International Airport to pick up her children, nephews and a niece, who had just gotten off one of the planes from Lebanon. “He’s the hero. He’s the one that survived the area that was completely bombed off,” the woman, Dalal Haider, said, talking about one of her family members, Muhammad Haider.

   “You could hear the planes over you, like literally, over you,” said Mohammad Maider, a child evacuee, as he mimicked the noises of the planes. The little ones went to Lebanon with the Dalal's ex-husband. They saw it all.

   “One night, you could see two missiles go up and fall behind you. Then, you see two more missiles go up and…and as it gets closer you don’t know if it’s going to drop or move forward, luckily, it moved forward,” explained witness, Haider. The children said it took nine hours to get to Beirut, a trip that usually takes an hour or an hour and a half. All are just relieved to have made it home safely.

Source - CBS 3