News Article - July 10, 2007

USO Makes Big Move at PHL  
  July 10, 2007 - By the end of the year at Philadelphia International Airport, the USO expects to pull up stakes and move from Terminal D to Terminal A. It's not very far, but it'll make a big difference. The USO has been in Terminal D for the past 25 years. They'll soon be making the move for two very good reasons: space and security.

   The USO lounge has provided a friendly haven for traveling military since 1982. But it's no longer a safe haven. Service personnel are an inviting terror target. That became all too clear when the government uncovered the plot to attack Fort Dix. The USO lounge is in an unprotected area open to the public. The new quarters in Terminal A is a much larger space that used to be the British Airways VIP lounge, and it's beyond the security checkpoint. Liberty USO serves three to four thousand service personnel a month. It has outgrown the current cramped space where offices spill out into the public space and also serve as storage rooms. The big screen TV is kaput, and they need more private sleeping quarters.

   They will soon have that and more, including a full service kitchen offering free meals. This oasis is a welcome sight for weary military, many of whom travel with their families. The move will be costly, upwards of half a million dollars. That's a lot for an organization that relies entirely on public support. If you'd like to help the USO make this important move, visit their official web site at

Source - 6ABC