News Article - July 06 2006

PHL Police Captain In Trouble
  PHILADELPHIA -- A well-known Philadelphia police captain said he has been punished for waving a gun around but that he was cleared of a more serious allegation. The NBC 10 Investigators first reported the story in November and reporter Lu Ann Cahn has an update.

   The head of the airport police at the Philadelphia International Airport Capt. Domenic Mingacci told Cahn that he never waved a gun around at his officers while threatening to transfer them. However, he did admit he pulled out a gun a couple weeks later and that's why he has been punished. "It was just a misjudgment on my part. It was just a minor little thing," Mingacci said.

   Mingacci, on limited duty because of a foot injury and out of uniform, shied away from NBC 10 cameras at his office, even though, as the head of airport police, he has been interviewed dozens of times before. On Friday, the department suspended Mingacci for a day without pay after an internal affairs investigation.

   Sources and Mingacci told the NBC 10 Investigators that the department has cleared him of allegations that he pulled a gun and threatened three airport K-9 officers on Oct. 20 in his office. The officers claimed the captain was angry, and they complained to the Transportation Security Administration about Mingacci's management of Homeland Security Funds. Mingacci denied that the incident with the K-9 officers ever happened, but he did admit that two weeks later, in an effort to demonstrate what he did not do, he pulled a gun out of his desk and waved it front of several officers and that is why he was punished. "Let me put it this way. I have 31 years on this job and I never, never had a problem," Mingacci said.

   Mingacci said the gun he pulled out was confiscated from an officer who had a restraining order against him. Mingacci said that it was not loaded. He told Cahn that he has become the target of officers, who are not happy with his management. The Philadelphia Police Department refused comment.

Source - NBC10