News Article - July 04, 2007

Mosquito spraying set for PHL area  
  The Department of Environmental Protection will conduct aerial spraying beginning around 8 a.m. tomorrow (July 5th) to control large populations of mosquito larvae in Philadelphia. Helicopter Applicators Inc. of Gettysburg will spray VectoLex CG, a bacterial agent that targets mosquito and black fly larvae, over wetlands in and around the biosolid and wastewater treatment plants operated by Philadelphia near Penrose Ferry Road in the southwest portion of the city. Wetlands on the east side of Philadelphia International Airport will also be treated.

   Later in the morning, the applicator will spray wetlands at the city's northeast wastewater treatment plant near the Betsy Ross Bridge. Certain species of mosquitoes carry West Nile virus, which, when transmitted to people, can cause West Nile encephalitis, an infection that can result in an inflammation of the brain. There have been no confirmed human cases of West Nile virus in Pennsylvania this year.

Source - Philadelphia Inquirer