News Article - July 01 2006

Semi-shocking results from airport survey
  For some travelers at Philadelphia International Airport, this may come as a shock: Many who took part in J.D. Power & Associates' 2006 airport-satisfaction survey like the place more than they do airports in other cities. Philadelphia was tied for second with New York's Kennedy International. They were outpaced only by Las Vegas McCarran International. More than 9,800 travelers, including 370 who had used Philadelphia, took part in the online survey. Philadelphia was compared with the 16 other U.S. airports with the most passengers last year. J.D. Power spokesman Jim Gaz said Philly did particularly well in retail services and immigration and customs control, and was above average in six other categories - including baggage-claim services, which has been a problem area for the airport in recent years.

Source - Philadelphia Inquirer