News Article - June 30, 2007

Philly Flight To Glasgow Cancelled, Security Heightened  
  PHILADELPHIA -- The terror attack in Glasgow, Scotland prompted Philadelphia International Airport to increase security and to cancel the only flight to Glasgow scheduled to leave the U.S. on Saturday. One family, the Kostrevskis, flew from Ohio and Tennessee to catch a connecting flight to Glasgow out of Philadelphia. When they arrived, they learned the flight had been cancelled because of the terrorist attack.

   “I just assumed it was either a weather problem or mechanical problems or something like that. I didn’t even think about terrorism,” said Cherrill Wilson, who was booked for the flight. Said Zoren Kostrevski: “I’m not very pleased about all this. It messes [with] everyday people’s lives because somebody decided [to do this.]” The Glasgow flight may depart on Sunday.

Source - NBC10