News Article - June 27 2006

Dancers' Prop Evacuates PHL
  A Minneapolis dance company which uses a fake bomb as a prop is apologizing after temporarily shutting down part of the Philadelphia International Airport last night. The ensuing bomb scare forced thousands to evacuate the terminal. And by the time the bomb squad cleared the scene, Kristin Van Loon might have been thinking "Fake bomb on an airplane? Not my best performance." "We want to be challenging and provocative on stage and not in the airport," said Van Loon. Homeland Security even checked out her dance partner Arwen Wilder's baby. "They searched her diaper very thoroughly," said Wilder.

   The duo says they always break the fake bomb down before they travel and have carried it through airports around the country without incident. In fact, they always wondered if it even looked like the real thing. "Well, we certainly fooled Homeland Security," said Van Loon.

   The dancers were questioned and detained for 4 hours. They explained to Philadelphia police that the fake bomb is part of their performance. That seemed to ease tensions until an official asked them the name of their dance company. "Hijack," they answered at the same time, undoubtedly not a popular word at the airport. But it's been their name since 1993 and they say they plan on keeping the title. But not the bomb -- the Philadelphia bomb squad blew it up. The dancers plan to build a new fake bomb. So they asked Homeland Security how they can keep this from happening again. They were told, an official would write them a letter they can carry explaining what's in their bag.

Source - CBS