News Article - June 23, 2009

  A passenger was arrested after allegedly attempting to bring a loaded weapon onto a U.S. Airways flight over the weekend. Police said a TSA screener spotted the semi-automatic weapon in a passenger's bag at Philadelphia International Airport Sunday afternoon. A search of the passenger's bag led to the discovery of a 9mm handgun, loaded with 15 rounds, in an outside pocket. The passenger, Michael Mixson, was taken into custody at the scene. In an exclusive interview with CBS 3, Mixson said the entire incident was a big misunderstanding.

   "I ain't want no disturbances, you know, I wouldn't never try that in a million years," Mixson said. "People get stopped coming on the plane with knives, why would I do something like that? It wasn't intentional." At first, police said Mixson told the screener said he was carrying tattoo equipment for his body art business. Family members told CBS 3 Mixson was on his way to Atlanta, Georgia and was unaware he had left the weapon in his luggage. "He took it with him accidentally. In fact, I don't think he knew it was even in there. The gun is registered to him," Mixson's grandfather Joe said. Mixson told CBS 3 that he picked up the wrong bag and did not realize the gun was inside the bag.

   "I was really shocked, my stomach dropped when they told me. I didn't even believe it until they showed me," Mixson said. Mixson has been charged with weapons violations and is free on bail. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for next week. The incident remains under investigation.

Source - CBS3