News Article - June 20 2006

Hearing on fire in cargo plane will look at safety
  WASHINGTON - A public hearing in the investigation of a UPS cargo plane fire at Philadelphia International Airport will examine safety issues, including the transportation of lithium batteries. The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that lithium batteries were on the plane when it caught fire and had to make an emergency landing in February. The board said yesterday that a two-day hearing scheduled for July 12-13 will examine the regulations concerning the shipping of lithium batteries, as well as other issues such as fire detection and suppression systems and the overall response to the incident. The cause of the accident has not been determined. The agency has said that a flammable solvent known as amyl methyl ketone also was removed from the cargo hold.

   With smoke in the hold, the plane's crew declared an emergency on approach into Philadelphia. Fire and rescue crews met the four-engine jet, a DC-8 that originated in Atlanta, when it touched down shortly after midnight Feb. 8. Firefighters said the blaze was under control about four hours later. The pilot and two crew members were treated for smoke inhalation. - AP

Source - Philadelphia Inquirer