News Article - May 26 2006

Fire breaks out on plane before takeoff from Philly
  PHILADELPHIA -- A generator fire broke out on a commercial plane just before takeoff, forcing about 50 passengers to get off and be bused back to the terminal, officials said. Mark Pesce, a spokesman for Philadelphia International Airport, said the airport was closed for about 15 minutes. Many flights at the airport experienced delays of an hour or two Thursday night in the aftermath of the fire.

   Fire broke out in the auxiliary power unit of the right engine as US Airways Express Flight 3647 was taxiing to depart Philadelphia for Columbia, S.C., a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said. "Controllers in the tower saw some flame and smoke coming from the underbelly of the No. 2 engine side," said FAA spokesman Jim Peters. The crew of the plane was able to put out the fire using hand-held extinguishers, and no injuries were reported, Pesce said.

Source - AP