News Article - May 07 2006

2 planes violate airspace restricted for Bush
  WASHINGTON - Two small planes separately violated restricted airspace set up for President Bush's visit to Pennsylvania yesterday and were forced to land by military F-16 jets. The small planes "left the temporary flight-restricted area relatively quickly," said Michael Kucharek, spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Peterson, Colo. One plane was forced to land at a Cross Keys, Gloucester County, airport, but the destination of the other wasn't clear, Kucharek said.

   The pilot who landed in New Jersey will be questioned by federal authorities, Monroe Township police said. All aircraft except for regular flights were banned from the airspace in a 30-mile radius around Air Force One during Bush's visits to Limerick and Philadelphia, said Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown. Pilots who violate the restriction typically have their pilot's licenses suspended for 60 to 90 days, Brown said.

Source - Phila. Inquirer