News Article - April 04, 2007

More Computer Troubles for US Airways  
  PHILADELPHIA INT'L AIRPORT - April 4, 2007 - Yet another computer glitch is fueling frustrations for some US Airways passengers. This time, the problems hit 2 hours into a flight from Philadelphia International to Rome, Italy. The jet loaded with passengers was heading over the Atlantic for 2 hours when the plane had to turn around and fly back to Philadelphia International Airport.

   Officials tell Action News that the plane's navigational computers failed and it prevented the plane from making the trip across the Atlantic. Action News caught up with one disappointed family trying to get to Rome.

   "We are going to a wedding in Italy. They don't care. They have no other arrangements. There is no other flight tomorrow, US Air leaving, that we can go on. We have family waiting in Italy, cars. Everybody's waiting," Maria McLaughlin told Action News. The airline handed out flyers with phone numbers to help passengers reschedule their flights. A spokeswoman from US Airways says the airline is working to get them on the first flights available. She says that will be this morning.

Source - 6ABC