News Article - April 03 2006

Military investigating C-5 cargo plane crash near Dover Air Force base
  (Dover, Delaware-AP) April 3, 2006 - A top commander at Dover Air Force base says "It's absolutely a miracle" that no one was more seriously hurt in Monday's cargo plan crash. A spokeswoman at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware says there were no fatalities when the C-5 Galaxy cargo plane crashed near a runway there on Monday morning.

   The plane was carrying 17 people when it crashed. The plane developed problems during takeoff, and the crew was trying to return to the base when the crash occurred just short of the runway. A squadron commander says it appears the huge plane, which is more than six stories high, slid along the ground as though it was making a water landing. Allen Metheny, an assistant director in Delaware's Department of Public Safety, says the plane went down about 6:45am.


Aerial view of C-5 that went down at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware with 17 people on board.
The C-5 is the military's largest plane. All flights from the base have been suspended. All 17 people on board survived the crash; however, local hospital officials say 14 of the injured were covered with jet fuel and had to be decontaminated. None of the injuries is life-threatening. Metheny says the plane broke into three pieces, with the cockpit separated from the fuselage and a wing shattered.

Source - AP