News Article - March 23 2006

TSA Begins Local Hiring Initiative for Security Officers at PHL
  PHILADELPHIA, March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is looking for talented candidates in the Philadelphia area to work on the frontlines of our nation's airports in an ongoing effort to secure the homeland. TSA at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is one of the first airports in the nation to launch a local hiring initiative. The initiative will replace the current Washington-based hiring system and allow the agency to quickly hire talented security professionals to meet the changing needs of the operation.

   "We're looking for hard-working professionals with the desire to protect the flying public and a strong commitment to security," said PHL Federal Security Director Robert Ellis, Jr.

   Wages range from $11.30 to $16.96 depending on experience, plus locality pay. All employees are eligible for health and life insurance, retirement, paid annual (vacation) and sick leave.

   After the attacks of September 11th, TSA hired over 50,000 TSOs in a matter of months to comply with a Congressional mandate that required the agency to outfit the nation's commercial airports with a federal screening workforce. To manage this massive task, a national contractor was hired to recruit and assess candidates and stand-up security at more than 450 commercial airports nationwide. Now the agency is transitioning to local recruitment, and PHL is leading the way as one of the first to implement the program.

   TSOs provide frontline security and protect travelers by identifying dangerous objects in baggage and on passengers. They prevent threat objects from being transported onto aircraft by utilizing diverse, cutting-edge electronic detection and imaging equipment, as well as lessons learned from a concentrated training curriculum.

   Individuals interested in a career in the aviation security field that provides the opportunity to defend and protect the country and our freedoms while assisting the movement of people and commerce, can apply online at (click on "Employment"), or

	By law, all candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

      * U.S. citizen or U.S. National with proficiency in English
      * High school diploma, GED or equivalent or at least one full year of
        applicable work experience
      * Customer service, honesty, integrity and dependability
      * Physical ability to repeatedly lift and carry baggage weighing at
        least 70 pounds
      * Mental ability to observe and identify objects
      * Pass a background investigation, including a criminal check, financial
        suitability and pre-employment drug screening
      * Visual, auditory and physical standards necessary to prevent threats
        from getting on-board aircraft

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Source - TSA