News Article - March 10, 2008

  U.S. Airways plans to add daily jet flights to and from New Bern and its Philadelphia international hub beginning June 3. The company, which serves as Craven County Regional Airport's main commercial carrier, made the announcement on Monday from its Tempe, Ariz., headquarters. The company's announcement said a daily flight from New Bern to Philadelphia would be operated by U.S. Airways express carrier Air Wisconsin using 50-seat jets. "New Bern customers can easily access flights to 20 European spots - including London's Heathrow Airport - as well as hourly connections to Boston and access to dozens of communities in the northeast," the announcement said.

   U.S. Airways began seasonal weekend and holiday flights to and from New Bern and Philadelphia in 2006 but the June schedule will bring the first daily jet flights. "Part of what a recent survey told us is that people here wanted more destinations and more jets," said Tom Braaten, Craven County Regional Airport director. He said he and airport authority members have been working with the commercial carrier to secure the expansion. "This provides that and it happens to be in the northeast and serviced by a jet aircraft," Braaten said. "That's a good deal." "This adds a flight that goes up in the morning and comes back that evening," he said.

   The added flight will bring U.S. Airways' total number of commercial flights in and out of New Bern to eight weekdays and nine in and 10 out on weekends. Delta Air provides three commercial daily flights in and out of its international hub in Atlanta. U.S. Airways said that fares and scheduling will be available at or 1-800-428-4322 but flight availability and cost had not yet been updated late Monday. U.S. Airways is the fifth-largest domestic airline, employing about 36,000 aviation professionals operating 3,800 flights a day to 230 locations.

Source - Sun Journal