News Article - February 27, 2007

JetBlue Flight Diverted To PHL  
  (CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Passengers on board a flight from Pittsburgh International were forced to make an unscheduled stop in Philadelphia due to a mechanical problem Tuesday. Authorities said a jetBlue flight from Pittsburgh International to JFK was diverted to Philadelphia International around 8:30 a.m. after a problem with an anti-ice indicator on the wing of the aircraft.

   Authorities said 54 passengers, including 20 members of a Long Island University basketball team returning home from a game against Robert Morris University, were on board as the plane sat on the tarmac for several hours. With no jetBlue staff at the Philadelphia airport, where the airline has no operations, and the plane awaiting a mechanical inspection, a Coach bus was brought in just before noon to transport the stranded passengers to New York.

   "Fortunately there were some jetBlue operations employees on board the aircraft," said passenger Phyllis Vanistendal. Approximately 15 passengers refused the ride north and waited for alternative flights.

   jetBlue said every passenger on board will receive a free round trip voucher because of the inconvenience. As an added bonus, the captain of the flight reportedly supplied the passengers with McDonalds as they patiently waited on the runway. "I thought jetBlue did the best they could. They ran out and got everybody food, and tried to make accommodations for everybody to keep us comfortable and just keep us alert to what's going on," said passenger Jim Ferry.

   Recently, jetBlue came under fire after 1,000 flights were grounded following a Valentine’s Day snowstorm. The discount airline enacted a customer’s bill of rights that would allow disgruntled passengers to receive a $100 voucher for a future flight.

Source - CBS-3