News Article - January 31, 2007

US Airways reports fewer complaints at PHL  
  PHILADELPHIA -- US Airways has nearly completed $20 million worth of improvements to its Philadelphia International Airport facilities, including new baggage-handling equipment, repairs and renovation of passenger departure lounges, airline President Scott Kirby said. The airline said "significant operational improvements" at Philadelphia, including better baggage handling and fewer passenger complaints, were among the highlights of its earnings report Tuesday. The company reported profits for the fourth quarter of 2006 and for the year.

   Customer complaints were down more than 30 percent and reports of lost or delayed bags were down almost 15 percent from the last quarter of 2005, airline officials said. The airline had 1,545 baggage handlers at the airport, up about 350 since summer, and they delivered 95 percent of inbound bags to carousels in an average of 19 minutes or less after flights arrived, "a monumental improvement," Kirby said.

   US Airways has its largest hub at Charlotte, N.C., but has 5,700 employees, and its main international hub, at Philadelphia, and has struggled for two years to improve baggage service at the airport.

Source - AP