News Article - January 24, 2008

  Thank you, News Journal, for providing the Democratic response for their lack of leadership and action regarding activities at the Philadelphia airport. I detest the polarization of this issue, but we are entering an election year. The noise monitor that will be installed in Bonsall Park will not provide accurate readings or a representative indication of the quality-of-life issues faced by the residents of Brandywine Hundred regarding the airspace redesign or capacity expansion plan. The Bonsall Park location is not on the inbound flight path to the Philadelphia airport. Bonsall Park is approximately a half nautical mile from the in-bound flight path. so the data collected will be buffered by distance and traffic noise from Silverside Road.

   Had the Federal Aviation Administration, airport or our elected officials really wanted to gather precise data, they would locate the monitor in Bechtel Park, Talley Middle School, or at the corner of Foulk and Naamans roads. This is a political move engineered by Senators Thomas Carper and Joseph Biden to locate the monitor in the only Brandywine Hundred district represented by one of their party members.

   There are 13 parties, including Delaware County, Pa., and the State of Connecticut that have filed suit against the FAA regarding airspace redesign. Had not state Sen. Cathy Cloutier organized residents in her district to petition the Third Circuit Court, the residents of Brandywine Hundred would forfeit our rights and increase our exposure to more than 650,000 annual aircraft operations flying over our homes.

   The State of Delaware and New Castle County failed to take any action within the 60-day time frame following the FAA's record of decision Sept. 5. Since Delaware County, Pa., filed suit, New Castle County should have joined the case. Because of our county government's inaction, the private action was necessary to ensure that Brandywine Hundred is represented in proceedings.

   The number of planes and their low altitude affect multiple facets of our lives in Brandywine Hundred. Health concerns relating to the amount of pollution generated by these operations, the noise level that low-altitude planes produce and depressed property values are a few of the issues in our community.

Source - Delaware Online