News Article - January 7, 2008

  NEW CASTLE COUNTY, Del. -- A new airline could be zooming into the local area. The super-discount airline "Skybus" reportedly is trying to make a deal for passenger flights in and out of the New Castle Airport. The New Castle County airport has a terminal, a control tower and even has a couple rental car agencies. It doesn't have an airline but that might soon change. Skybus is a small, Ohio-based airline that currently has flights in and out of a number of cities. They keep their fares low by flying to cities just slightly off the beaten path.

   If you want to go to Chicago, for example, you would actually land in nearby Gary, Ind. That is why the airline is reportedly in discussions with New Castle County's airport. It is close to Philadelphia but not as expensive as Philadelphia International Airport. For travelers, it could mean cheaper fares. In fact, every Skybus flight has 10 seats at just $10. For local businesses, it might mean at least a few more potential customers making their way in and around busy Route 13. Skybus flights in and out might be a good thing for the Quality Inn next to the terminal. "Every little bit helps," Quality Inn general manager Paul Rada said." Generally you're talking local people out of this area that will be going to the airport that will be heading out of here. I don't think it's going to be a tremendous amount per se but every little bit helps."

Source - NBC10