News Article - January 06 2006

Airport as museum - the Philadelphia experience
  Airports can be soulless places, but Philadelphia International Airport is part of a growing trend at major connecting airports (such as Atlanta and Phoenix) to give travelers something to do - something free that is - while waiting for their next flight. If you travel through Philadelphia International (PHL) between now and April 30, make a point to spend some time in the gate area of Terminal D. That’s where you’ll find the glass work of renowned artisan Paul Stankard. The exhibition is called “Paperweights”. Individual pieces depict insects, flowers, and other plants, all seemingly frozen in time. Stankard uses a process called “flameworking”, in which small, thin rods of colored glass are heated and then shaped. Stankard spends a lot of time on the road, visiting museums worldwide, so having an exhibition at Philadelphia International (he lives in nearby Mantua, New Jersey) seemed natural. “My work is often shown in museums,” he says. “Here, it’s public and it’s free.”

   Chances are that lots of passengers will see Stankard’s art. “In an average month, nearly 400,000 passengers will use Terminal D,” says Charles J. Isdell, the airport’s aviation director. “This will bring nearly two million people into contact with art they might not normally experience.”

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