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ACARS Log Mid Atlantic States
May 06, 2008
Logged by:   Paul Kanagie Location:   Location: Philadelphia, PA, (Lat: 40.03 Long: -75.09)
Time:   00:00 to 23:59 Comments:    Program Crashed 2120 to 2359
Decoding Software:  ACARSD1.65  Click HERE for Free ACARSD decoder
129.125 130.025 130.450 131.125 131.550 136.700 136.850
Flights:   2330 Registrations:   1411

Reg. Type Time Flight # Route Misc.
01-0041 C-40 1003 MC2528 6Y-JME A321 1614 JM0012 KJFK-MKJS 6Y-JMG A320 2131 JM0045 MBJ-PHL 6Y-JMK A320 0013 JM0045 MBJ-PHL 6Y-JMK A320 0243 JM0000 6Y-JMK A320 0703 JM0044 PHL-MBJ 6Y-JMR A300 2145 JM0011 MBJ-JFK 9Y-BGI B738 0519 BW0520 POS-JFK 9Y-KIN B738 1701 BW0600 POS-YYZ 9Y-TAB B738 1746 BW0611 YYZ-POS 9Y-TAB B738 1410 BWA610 BW0610 9Y-TAB B738 1417 BW0610 POS-YYZ A6-ECE B777-300ER 1402 EK0201 DXB-JFK A7-ACB A330 2111 QR0084 EWR-GVA-DOH B-18203 B744 2104 CI0012 TPE-ANC-JFK B-6055 A340 0140 MU0588 JFK-PVG B-KPC B777-367ER 1549 CX0831 JFK-JFK-VHHH B-KPC B777-367ER 1313 CX0830 VHHH-JFK CC-CRV B767-316 0804 LA0530 SCL-LIM-JFK C-FDCH B735 0205 C60919 MUVR-YQM C-FEIQ E175 1848 AC0750 YUL-LGA C-FEIQ E175 1133 AC0745 LGA-YUL C-FEIQ E175 0708 AC0741 LGA-YUL C-FEIQ E175 1611 AC0749 LGA-YUL C-FEIX E175 1353 AC0305 DCA-YYZ C-FEIX E175 1221 AC0304 YYZ-DCA C-FEIX E175 2150 AC0772 YYZ-EWR C-FEJA CRJ2 1543 QK7915 PHL-YYZ C-FEJA CRJ2 1422 QK7914 YYZ-PHL C-FEJB E175 1251 AC0711 LGA-YYZ C-FEJB E175 1113 AC0706 YYZ-LGA C-FEJC E175 2113 AC0773 EWR-YYZ C-FEJC E175 1926 AC0770 YYZ-EWR C-FEJC E175 0703 AC0355 BOS-YYZ C-FEJC E175 1109 AC0767 EWR-YYZ C-FEJC E175 1633 AC0769 EWR-YYZ C-FEJC E175 0958 AC0764 YYZ-EWR C-FEJC E175 1416 AC0766 YYZ-EWR C-FEJD E175 0730 AC0740 YUL-LGA C-FEJL E175 2142 AC0368 YYZ-BOS C-FEJP E175 0827 AC1030 YYZ-PHL C-FEJP E175 0937 AC1031 PHL-YYZ C-FEKD E175 1606 AC0716 YYZ-LGA C-FEKD E175 1824 AC0721 LGA-YYZ C-FEKD E175 0658 AC0763 EWR-YYZ C-FEKD E175 1156 AC0709 LGA-YYZ C-FEKD E175 1003 AC0704 YYZ-LGA C-FEKH E175 1842 AC0000 C-FEKI E175 2140 AC0312 YYZ-DCA C-FEKS E175 1104 AC0303 DCA-YYZ C-FEKS E175 0934 AC0302 YYZ-DCA C-FEKS E175 0625 AC0313 DCA-YYZ C-FFWN A320 0919 AC0924 YUL-FLL C-FGLX E190 1957 AC0725 LGA-YYZ C-FHKI E190 0730 AC0354 YYZ-BOS C-FHKI E190 2059 AC0727 LGA-YYZ C-FHKI E190 1913 AC0722 YYZ-LGA C-FHKP ERJ AC 1108 AC0707 LGA-YYZ C-FHKP ERJ AC 0924 AC0702 YYZ-LGA C-FHNX E190 0745 AC0703 LGA-YYZ C-FHON E190-100 0724 AC0700 YYZ-LGA C-FHON E190-100 1356 AC0713 LGA-YYZ C-FHON E190-100 1152 AC0710 YYZ-LGA C-FHON E190-100 1820 AC0309 DCA-YYZ C-FHON E190-100 0911 AC0705 LGA-YYZ C-FMYV E190 1507 AC0714 YYZ-LGA C-FMYV E190 1707 AC0719 LGA-YYZ C-FNAI E190-100 1809 AC0751 LGA-YUL C-FNAN E190-100 2053 AC0752 YUL-LGA C-FNAN E190-100 1545 AC0314 YUL-DCA C-FNAN E190-100 1707 AC0315 DCA-YUL C-FRIB CRJ1 1336 QK8901 LGA-YHZ C-FTJQ A320 1410 AC0943 TXKF-YYZ C-FUWS B737 1848 WS1101 MDPP-YYZ C-FVKR CRJ1 0619 QK7909 PHL-YYZ C-FWJB CRJ1 1726 QK7693 IAD-YUL C-FWRR CRJ1 2147 QK7745 EWR-YUL C-FYJG A319 2103 AC0724 YYZ -LGA C-FYJI A319 1853 AC0964 YYZ-TTPP C-FYJI A319 0505 AC0075 SVMI-YYZ C-FYJP A319 0939 AC0966 YYZ-TBPB C-GAGU C680 1806 GS0000 C-GAQL A319 0637 AC0701 LGA-YYZ C-GARO A319 1825 AC0584 YYC-JFK C-GARO A319 0824 AC0585 KJFK-CYYC C-GBHM A319 0643 AC1830 YHZ-CUN C-GJMO DH81 1136 QK7929 BWI-YYZ C-GJMO DH81 0657 QK7927 BWI-YYZ C-GJZJ CRJ2 1957 QK7694 YUL-IAD C-GJZJ CRJ2 1210 QK7653 DCA-YUL C-GKEU CRJ2 0914 QK7739 EWR-YUL C-GKEU CRJ2 1637 QK7742 YUL-EWR C-GKEU CRJ2 1310 QK7741 EWR-YUL C-GKEU CRJ2 1811 QK7743 EWR-YUL C-GLQG DHC8-Q402 1209 PD0125 YTZ-EWR C-GLQG DHC8-Q402 1724 PD0129 YTZ-EWR C-GMJA CRJ2 0944 QK7657 IAD-YOW C-GOJA CRJ2 0758 QK7662 YOW-DCA C-GOJA CRJ2 1751 QK7659 IAD-YOW C-GOJA CRJ2 0934 QK7663 DCA-YOW C-GONJ DH81 1936 QK7935 BWI-YYZ C-GTJA CRJ2 1235 QK7912 YYZ-PHL C-GTJA CRJ2 1403 QK7913 PHL-YYZ C-GWJE B737-275-A 1750 WS1115 MYNN-YYZ D-ABUZ B763 1616 DE0156 FRA-CUN D-ABVT B744 1949 LH0441 IAH-IAH-EDDF D-ABVZ B744 1435 LH0418 EDDF-IAD D-ABVZ B744 1849 LH0419 IAD-IAD-EDDF D-AIFA A340 1601 LH0417 IAD-IAD-EDDF D-AIFA A340 1216 LH0416 EDDF-IAD D-AIFD A340 1601 LH0415 IAD-EDDM D-AIFD A340 1200 LH0414 EDDM-IAD D-AIGC A340 1807 LH0427 PHL-PHL-EDDF D-AIGF A340 2003 LH0445 ATL-ATL-EDDF D-AIKC A330 1605 LH0464 EDDF-MCO D-AIKI A330 1335 LH0428 EDDM-CLT D-AIKI A330 1813 LH0429 CLT-MUC D-AIKJ A330 1834 LH0411 JFK-JFK-EDDM D-AIKJ A330 1345 LH0410 EDDM-JFK D-AIKL A330-343X 1742 LH0412 EDDM-EWR D-AIKL A330-343X 2118 LH0413 EWR-EWR-EDDM EC-ICF A340 1420 IB6403 LEMD-MEX EC-IZY A340 2138 IB6252 JFK-JFK-LEMD EI-DRB B738 AM 1216 AM0408 MEX-JFK EI-DRC B737 AM 0942 AM0405 JFK-MEX-ACA F-GLZU A340 1513 AF0366 CDG-PHL F-GNII A340 1911 AF0025 IAD-CDG F-GNII A340 1512 AF0024 CDG-IAD F-GZCH A330 1522 AF0018 CDG-EWR F-GZCH A330 1954 AF0019 EWR-CDG G-BNLW B744 1932 BA0293 EGLL-IAD BAW293 G-BNWN B763 1208 BA0253 EGLL-MYNN-MWCR G-BNWO B763 0828 BA0186 EWR-EGLL G-BNWO B763 0839 BA0000 G-BNWS B763 1147 BA0265 EGLL-IAD G-BNWS B763 1214 BA0000 G-BNWT B763 2119 BA0068 PHL-LHR G-BNWT B763 1835 BA0069 EGLL-PHL G-BNWU B763 0001 BA0068 PHL-LHR G-BNWV B763 1523 BA0229 EGLL-BWI G-BNWV B763 2135 BA0228 BWI-BWI-EGLL G-BYGA B744 1904 BA0112 JFK-EGLL G-BYGD B744 2000 BA0174 JFK-JFK-EGLL G-BYGG B744 0914 BA0178 JFK-JFK-EGLL G-CIVG B744 2123 BA0116 JFK-EGLL G-CIVI B744 2032 BA0176 JFK-JFK-EGLL G-CIVN B744 1548 BA0209 EGLL-MIA G-CIVV B744 1115 BA0207 EGLL-MIA G-CIVX B744 1250 BA0217 EGLL-IAD G-CIVX B744 1919 BA0216 IAD-IAD-EGLL G-VIIM B772 1645 BA0189 EGLL-KEWR G-VIIX B772 2121 BA0022 EGLL-KIAD G-VMEG A340 1906 VS0022 IAD-LHR G-VOGE A340 1115 VS0005 LHR-MIA G-VROM B744 1509 VS0015 LGW-MCO G-VSHY A340 1857 VS0004 JFK-LHR G-VWEB A340 0834 VS0018 EWR-LHR G-VWKD A340 0749 VS0026 JFK-LHR G-VYOU A340-642 1821 VS0001 LHR-EWR G-XLAG B738 0714 JN9410 G-YMMD B772 1417 BA0067 EGLL-PHL G-YMMD B772 1853 BA0019 KPHL-EGLL HB-IQC A330 1508 LX0064 LSZH-MIA HB-IQP A330 2012 LX0023 JFK-JFK-LSGG HL7428 B744 2041 OZ0222 RKSI-JFK HL7487 B744 1111 KE0081 RKSI-JFK HP-1530 B737 0714 CM0803 JFK-MPTO HP-1530 B737 0205 CM0804 MPTO-JFK I-LIVN A330 1813 LM0193 MXP-CUN JA8076 B744 0710 JL0047 GRU-JFK-NRT JA8913 B744 1134 JL0007 JFK-NRT N100ES GLEX 1459 GS0001 N101HQ E175 RPA 1612 US3249 PHL-RIC RW3249 N101HQ E175 RPA 0553 US3251 BDL-PHL-MCI RW3251 N101HQ E175 RPA 1946 US3286 SRQ-CLT-BDL RW3286 N101HQ E175 RPA 0002 US3258 PHL-BDL RW3258 N102BG GLF4SP 1005 GS0000 N102FD GLF2 2021 XA0001 N102HQ E175 RW 1027 US3121 PHL-IAH RW3121 N102HQ E175 RW 1747 US3136 IAH-PHL-PIT RW3136 N10323 B733 1320 CO0232 IAH-LGA N103HQ E175 1350 US3154 PHL-YUL ZW3154 N103HQ E175 1206 US3165 SYR-PHL RW3165 N103HQ E175 1641 US3253 BDL-PHL-ORF RW3253 N103HQ E175 0939 US3150 PHL-SYR RW3150 N103HQ E175 0758 US3267 BTV-PHL RW3267 N103US A320 0545 US1420 PHL-CLT N103US A320 0924 US1050 CLT-LGA N104UW A320 0902 US0887 PHL-LAS N104UW A320 0740 US1708 JAX-PHL N105HQ E175 2131 US3118 DAB-CLT-PWM RW3118 N106HQ E175 1442 US3231 BTV-PHL-ATL RW3231 N106HQ E175 2125 US3162 DTW-PHL-YUL RW3162 N106HQ E175 1903 US3234 ATL-PHL RW3234 N106HQ E175 1002 US3232 PHL-BTV RW3232 N107HQ E175 2123 US3123 DCA-PIT RW3123 N107HQ E175 1526 US3109 PWM-DCA-CMH RW3109 N107HQ E175 1322 US3130 CHS-DCA RW3130 N109UW A320 1146 US0950 DEN-PHL N109UW A320 1339 US0717 MXP-PHL-LAX N110HQ E175 1601 US3282 PHL-BDL RW3282 N110HQ E175 1813 US3293 BDL-PHL-IAH RW3293 N110HQ E175 1049 US3278 ATL-DCA-PVD RW3278 N110UW A320 1815 US1490 LAX-CLT-LGA N110UW A320 1108 US1910 MYR-CLT-LGA N110UW A320 1332 US1291 LGA-CLT-TPA N11113 E145 1154 XE1246 MDW-EWR N11113 E145 1338 XE1289 EWR-DCA N11119 E145 1258 XE2878 XNA-EWR N11119 E145 1541 XE2440 EWR-OKC-IAH N111HZ DA2000 1538 GS0001 N111US A320 1642 US1834 FLL-PHL N111US A320 1028 US1061 PHL-FLL N111US A320 0742 US1744 CLT-PHL N111US A320 1803 US0836 PHL-JAX N11206 B738 2007 CO0473 EWR-SJU N11206 B738 1538 CO0712 MDPP-EWR N1127M LR60 1723 GS0001 N113UW A320 2128 US1704 CLT-BDL N113UW A320 1424 US1088 CLT-BOS N114HQ E175 0012 US3284 DFW-DCA-BDL RW3284 N114HQ E175 0537 US3145 EWR-CLT-SAV RW3145 N11535 E145 1621 XE2301 N11536 E145 1029 XE2416 EWR-SAV N11536 E145 1520 XE2543 SAV-EWR N11536 E145 2054 XE2517 SAV-EWR N11548 E145 0816 XE2223 RDU-EWR N11548 E145 2006 XE2609 EWR-MKE N115HQ E175 0620 US3259 PVD-PHL-BNA RW3259 N115HQ E175 1648 US3167 YUL-PHL-RDU RW3167 N115HQ E175 1410 US3254 MYR-PHL-BDL RW3254 N115HQ E175 1251 US3252 BNA-PHL RW3252 N11641 B735 0810 CO1121 BOS-EWR N11641 B735 1903 CO1414 BWI-CLE N11641 B735 0958 CO1122 EWR-BOS N116HQ E175 1014 US3248 PHL-PWM RW3248 N116HQ E175 0824 US3194 PHL-PWM RW3194 N116HQ E175 1434 US3273 PWM-PHL-DFW RW3273 N117HQ E175 1322 US3106 CLT-EWR RW3106 N117UW A320 1607 US0710 TPA-PHL N117UW A320 1820 US1156 PHL-PDX N117WR GLF4 1509 GS0000 N119HQ E170-200LR 0958 US3196 PHL-PVD RW3196 N119HQ E170-200LR 1819 US3170 DCA-PHL RW3170 N119HQ E170-200LR 1406 US3159 PHL-PIT RW3159 N119HQ E170-200LR 1210 US3157 BDL-PHL RW3157 N12109 B752 0757 CO0211 EWR-IAH N12109 B752 1535 CO0152 IAH-EWR N12114 B752 1328 CO0121 LEBL-EWR N12116 B752 1847 CO0074 EWR-HAM N12135 E145 1021 XE2086 LIT-EWR N12135 E145 1212 XE2993 EWR-MSP N12157 E145 0957 XE2943 EWR-MEM N12157 E145 0806 XE1298 ATL-EWR N12157 E145 1436 XE2291 MEM-EWR N121UW A320 1602 US1155 PHL-MSY N121UW A320 1810 US0707 MUC-PHL-DEN N122HQ E175SR 1554 US3146 PHL-MHT RW3146 N122HQ E175SR 1003 US3296 IAH-PHL RW3296 N122HQ E175SR 1857 US3161 YUL-PHL RW3161 N12319 B733 0550 CO1677 PHL-IAH N12327 B733 1850 CO0220 IND-EWR N12349 B733 1241 CO0411 EWR-IAH N12349 B733 1059 CO0561 SAT-EWR N123HQ E170-200 0805 US3180 CHS-PHL RW3180 N123HQ E170-200 1355 US3268 CLT-ORF-PHL RW3268 N123HQ E170-200 0956 US3269 PHL-SAV RW3269 N123HQ E170-200 1544 US3280 SDF-PHL-BUF RW3280 N123UW A320 1437 US0758 MSY-PHL-LGAV N123UW A320 2119 US1044 TPA-PHL N123UW A320 1527 US0711 ZRH-PHL-TPA N124HQ E170-200LR 2146 US3246 ORD-PHL RW3246 N124US A320 0727 US1143 PHL-MSY N124US A320 0537 US1011 LAX-LAS-PHL N12540 E145 0944 XE2940 EWR-DTW N12564 E145 0803 XE3126 SAV-EWR N12564 E145 1329 XE2256 AVL-EWR N125HQ E170-200 2145 US3194 PHL-PWM RW3194 N125HQ E170-200 1907 US3198 PHL-MHT RW3198 N125HQ E170-200 1410 US3245 PHL-SDF RW3245 N125HQ E170-200 1217 US3238 MSP-PHL-BDL RW3238 N126AT B737 1003 FL0630 BOS-MCO N126AT B737 1438 FL0210 MCO-LGA N126AT B737 0704 FL0805 BWI-BOS N126HQ E175 0628 US3102 GSO-LGA RW3102 N126HQ E175 1722 US3127 PHL-PIT RW3127 N126HQ E175 1256 US3163 LGA-RIC RW3163 N126HQ E175 1511 US3204 RIC-LGA RW3204 N128HQ E170-200LR 0944 US3166 PIT-BOS RW3166 N12934 E145 1539 XE2490 EWR-YUL N12934 E145 1004 XE2667 PHL-CLE N12934 E145 0837 XE2550 CLE-PHL N12946 E145 0842 XE3012 EWR-CMH N12946 E145 1124 XE2889 CMH-EWR N12946 E145 2153 XE2268 EWR-BUF N12946 E145 1955 XE2350 N12957 E145 1529 XE0000 N12957 E145 1335 XE2061 N129HQ E175 1426 US3257 PHL-IAH RW3257 N129HQ E175 0939 US3129 DCA-PIT RW3129 N129HQ E175 2140 US3262 BNA-PHL RW3262 N130HQ E175 1354 US3174 CHS-PHL RW3174 N130HQ E175 0800 US3147 YUL-PHL RW3147 N13113 B752 2149 CO0076 MCO-EWR-BRS N13113 B752 1830 CO1643 AUA-EWR N13113 B752 0915 CO1638 EWR-TNCA N13118 E145 2134 XE2403 EWR-TUL N13138 B752 1324 CO0065 LIS-EWR-LAX N131HQ E175 1152 US3137 PHL-MSP RW3137 N131HQ E175 1355 US3128 PHL-PVD RW3128 N131HQ E175 0956 US3104 RDU-PHL-BDL RW3104 N131HQ E175 1833 US3140 PHL-PVD RW3140 N131HQ E175 1553 US3227 PVD-PHL RW3227 N131HQ E175 0748 US3155 PWM-LGA-GSO RW3155 N132HQ E175 1942 US3255 MHT-PHL RW3255 N132HQ E175 1046 US3000 RW0000 N132HQ E175 2123 US3261 PHL-CHS RW3261 N132HQ E175 1655 US3268 CLT-ORF-PHL RW3268 N134HQ E175 0942 US3202 STL-PHL-MHT RW3202 N134HQ E175 1836 US3298 BOS-PHL-PIT RW3298 N134HQ E175 2125 US3250 CMH-PHL-BTV RW3250 N134UP A300 0008 UP0000 N134UP A300 0236 UP0610 PHL-ORD N13624 B735 1316 CO1166 ORD-EWR N13624 B735 0937 CO1175 EWR-ORD N13624 B735 1543 CO1111 EWR-DCA N13750 B737 1700 CO0881 EWR-SKBO N13903 E145 1147 XE2719 PWM-EWR N13936 E145 1243 XE2420 EWR-MHT-CLE N13936 E145 1110 XE2892 YOW-EWR N13949 E145 1043 XE2556 EWR-DTW N13949 E145 0905 XE2142 MKE-EWR N13949 E145 1506 XE2533 DTW-EWR N13956 E145 0956 XE3018 DTW-EWR N13958 E145 1955 XE2296 PWM-EWR N13958 E145 1055 XE2873 BWI-CLE N13958 E145 1506 XE2494 CLE-SDF-EWR N13969 E145 1829 XE2396 EWR-DTW N13975 E145 2139 XE2918 CLE-LGA N13975 E145 0912 XE2745 BNA-EWR N13978 E145 1209 XE2202 CLT-EWR N13978 E145 1404 XE3155 EWR-BUF-CLE N13979 E145 1959 XE2197 N13988 E145 1658 XE2953 EWR-CLT N13989 E145 2058 XE2379 EWR-SDF N13992 E145 1856 XE2774 DAY-EWR N13992 E145 0751 XE2535 SDF-EWR N13992 E145 2131 XE2335 EWR-YYZ N13995 E145 1833 XE2340 CLE-MIA N13997 E145 0722 XE2234 EWR-DAY-CLE N139QS 400A 1805 GS0001 N14056 A300 1018 AA0837 JFK-MTPP N14056 A300 1802 AA0896 MTPP-JFK N14061 A300 1925 AA1639 JFK-SJU N14077 A300 1315 AA1889 JFK-MDST N14077 A300 2055 AA1892 MDST-JFK N14077 A300 1315 AA0000 N14077 A300 1050 AA0518 MIA-JFK N14102 B752 1300 CO0492 EWR-MCO N14105 E145 0707 XE2952 EWR-IND-CLE N14106 B752 1345 CO0139 LFPG-EWR N14107 B752 1608 CO0065 LIS-EWR-LAX N14115 B752 1106 CO0075 EDDH-EWR N14121 B752 2153 CO0016 LAX-EWR-GLA N14158 E145 1807 XE2066 NAS-EWR N14158 E145 2054 XE2968 EWR-YQM N14214 B738 0732 CO1682 RDU-EWR N14214 B738 1900 CO1881 EWR-SEA N14230 B738 1949 CO0312 EWR-BQN N14237 B738 1649 CO1500 FLL-EWR N14237 B738 1056 CO1801 EWR-FLL N14242 B738 1440 CO1403 LAX-EWR N14242 B738 1732 CO1717 EWR-SRQ N14250 B738 2001 CO0624 CLE-EWR N14320 B733 0745 CO0733 LGA-IAH N14335 B733 2145 CO0638 EWR-MIA N14508 E135 1107 XE3149 N14542 E145 1837 XE3080 AVL-EWR N14542 E145 2059 XE2756 EWR-BHM N1454H GLF5 1512 GS0001 N14551 MD82 1718 AA0732 SJD-DFW-LGA N14573 E145 2011 XE2717 EWR-STL N14573 E145 1738 XE3082 IAH-SDF-EWR N14604 B735 1412 CO1400 FLL-EWR N14604 B735 1615 CO1181 EWR-ORD N14604 B735 2013 CO1186 ORD-EWR N14609 B735 0706 CO1131 EWR-DFW N14609 B735 1857 CO1197 BOS-EWR N14609 B735 1439 CO1134 DFW-EWR N14609 B735 1653 CO1172 EWR-BOS N14613 B735 1427 CO0238 EWR-MIA N14628 B735 1642 CO1136 DFW-EWR N14628 B735 0908 CO1133 EWR-DFW N14639 B735 1500 CO1160 ATL-EWR N14639 B735 0832 CO1167 EWR-ATL N14654 B735 1743 CO1115 EWR-DCA N14654 B735 1227 CO0130 CLE-BOS N14655 B735 1652 CO0709 JFK-IAH N14655 B735 1455 CO0730 IAH-JFK N14667 B735 0942 CO1104 DCA-EWR N14668 B735 0918 CO1165 EWR-ATL N14668 B735 0719 CO1102 DCA-EWR N14668 B735 1615 CO1151 EWR-ATL N14668 B735 1430 CO1148 ATL-EWR N14916 E145 0943 XE2625 EWR-BHM-CLE N14923 E145 1316 XE2864 CLE-ROC-EWR N14923 E145 1749 XE3037 MHT-EWR N14940 E145 1635 XE3053 DTW-EWR N14940 E145 0700 XE3156 MHT-EWR N14950 E145 0946 XE1285 EWR-DCA N14950 E145 0739 XE2761 RIC-EWR N14952 E145 0933 XE2031 EWR-ALB-CLE N14952 E145 0724 XE2251 IND-EWR N14953 E145 1315 XE2586 N14959 E145 1303 XE2351 CLE-STL-EWR N14991 E145 2015 XE2874 CHS-EWR N149AT B737 0726 FL0958 ROC-BWI-FLL N149AT B737 2128 FL0399 ATL-LGA N152DL B763 1909 DL0022 LAS-ATL-CDG N153DL B763 1156 DL0125 BRU-ATL-LAX N153DL B763 1820 DL0024 DCA-ATL-DUS N15509 E135 1132 XE2927 N156UP A300 1717 UP2112 SDF-JFK N15710 B737 0910 CO0287 EWR-SNA N157QS 400A 1549 GS0001 N158M DA50 2049 XA0001 N158PH C525 0928 GS0000 N158UP A300 0816 UP2077 EWR-DFW N15910 E145 1118 XE3041 EWR-YYZ N15910 E145 1529 XE3001 EWR-GSP N15910 E145 0857 XE2648 JAX-EWR N15910 E145 2059 XE2985 EWR-DTW N15986 E145 1904 XE2206 RIC-CLE N15986 E145 1039 XE2173 RIC-EWR-BDL N159UP A300 1741 UP2072 DSM-PHL N159UP A300 0838 UP2071 EWR-DSM N1602 B763 2059 DL0044 KCVG-LFPG N1612T B763 0548 DL0087 LLBG-JFK N161UW A321 0734 US1112 PHL-BOS N161UW A321 1332 US0953 PHL-CLT N161UW A321 1108 US1819 BOS-PHL N161UW A321 0534 US0942 SFO-PHL N16217 B738 1547 CO0619 TPA-EWR N16339 B733 1232 CO0516 EWR-MSY N16339 B733 1012 CO0089 IAH-EWR-PEK N16501 E135 1212 XE2514 CLE-PHL N16501 E135 1331 XE2787 PHL-CLE N16501 E135 0720 XE3153 EWR-GRR-CLE N16502 E135 1813 XE2594 ABE-CLE N16511 E135 1328 XE2770 CVG-EWR N16511 E135 0932 XE2721 EWR-CVG N16511 E135 1853 XE1209 IAD-EWR N16511 E135 1705 XE1206 EWR-IAD N16511 E135 0747 XE2788 CVG-EWR N165US A321 1818 US1147 PHL-SAN N16607 B735 1120 CO1124 EWR-BOS N16607 B735 0704 CO1116 EWR-BOS N16607 B735 0047 CO0410 IAH-EWR N16607 B735 1659 CO1137 EWR-DFW N16617 B735 1428 CO0505 EWR-JAX N16632 B735 1101 CO1176 ORD-EWR N16642 B735 1825 CO1430 DTW-EWR N16647 B735 0750 CO1157 EWR-ORD N16649 B735 1829 CO1532 IAH-LGA N16649 B735 2055 CO0833 LGA-IAH N16650 B735 0811 CO0350 EWR-AUS N16701 B737 1857 CO1651 LGA-CLE N16732 B737 1105 CO1451 LGA-CLE N168AT B737 1334 FL0816 BOS-BWI-ATL N168AT B737 1112 FL0484 ATL-BWI-BOS N168UP A300 0254 UP1018 PHL-BOS N168UP A300 0239 UP0000 N168UP A300 0046 UP0609 ORD-PHL N16911 E145 2149 XE2675 EWR-GSP N16911 E145 1246 XE2784 CHS-EWR N16911 E145 0950 XE2982 EWR-CHS N16919 E145 1513 XE2447 N16919 E145 1755 XE2267 EWR-BUF-CLE N16951 E145 1019 XE3101 CLT-EWR N16954 E145 1118 XE2592 EWR-IND-CLE N16954 E145 0939 XE2354 BHM-EWR N16976 E145 2147 XE1296 N16981 E145 1951 XE2078 EWR-GSO N16999 E145 1454 XE2085 MZT-EWR-IAH N16999 E145 1707 XE2362 EWR-RIC-CLE N169AT B737 2040 FL0688 SEA-MKE-BWI N169UW A321 0946 US1869 TPA-PHL N169UW A321 1230 US1651 PHL-MIA N169UW A321 2059 US1165 PHL-CLT N169UW A321 1828 US1898 MIA-PHL N17105 B752 1557 CO0143 LEBL-EWR N17105 B752 2037 CO0120 EWR-BCN N17108 E145 1129 XE2596 EWR-YUL N17108 E145 1605 XE2640 EWR-GRR-CLE N17108 E145 0831 XE2807 TYS-EWR N17122 B752 1429 CO0754 EWR-PBI N17128 B752 1943 CO1693 MCO-EWR N17138 E145 0751 XE2853 DAY-EWR N17138 E145 2025 XE2753 EWR-LIT N17138 E145 1754 XE2468 N17139 B752 1241 CO0115 EGKK-EWR N17139 B752 2005 CO0114 EWR-EWR-EGKK N17146 E145 1557 XE2040 EWR-PVD N17146 E145 1813 XE2075 PVD-EWR N17146 E145 1116 XE3000 EWR-CMH N17146 E145 1354 XE2838 CMH-EWR N17146 E145 0915 XE2130 OMA-EWR N17146 E145 2020 XE2218 EWR-RIC N17159 E145 2055 XE2109 N171US A321 2054 US0728 SFO-PHL-LHR N17229 B738 1154 CO1702 EWR-EWR-SFO N17233 B738 1811 CO0311 EWR-IAH N17233 B738 1529 CO0769 LAS-EWR N17244 B738 1302 CO0519 TPA-EWR N172DN B763 1300 DL0071 FCO-ATL-MIA N172UP A300 0755 UP2053 MHT-SDF N172US A321 0745 US1417 PHL-LAX N172US A321 0539 US1508 SAN-PHL N17326 B733 0000 CO0638 EWR-MIA N17326 B733 0917 CO0239 MIA-EWR N17329 B733 2131 CO0632 IAH-LGA N17329 B733 1436 CO0657 PHL-IAH N17329 B733 1302 CO0776 IAH-PHL N17356 B733 0941 CO0817 MSY-EWR N17356 B733 1136 CO0576 EWR-RSW N173AT B737 1207 FL0632 BOS-MCO N173AT B737 1008 FL0515 MCO-BOS N173DN B763 1857 DL0070 MIA-ATL-FCO N173UP A300 1852 UP2078 DFW-EWR N17507 E135 1610 XE1207 IAD-EWR N17507 E135 1755 XE1208 EWR-IAD N17507 E135 1138 XE1205 IAD-EWR N17507 E135 1316 XE1204 EWR-IAD N17619 B735 1757 CO1185 EWR-ORD N17619 B735 1058 CO1130 DFW-EWR N17627 B735 1645 CO0370 EWR-EWR-MSP N176CL DA900EX 0622 XA0001 N176DN B763 1226 DL0117 EDDS-ATL-DCA N176UW A321 1954 US1630 CLT-LGA N178DZ B763 1338 DL0065 MAN-ATL-LAS N178US A321 0551 US1532 SEA-PHL N178US A321 0813 US1543 PHL-PHX N17928 E145 1841 XE3039 EWR-CAE N17928 E145 1634 XE2404 GSO-EWR N17928 E145 1234 XE2576 EWR-GSO N17928 E145 0724 XE2808 YYZ-EWR N17NC GLF3 2048 XA0001 N18066 A300 2059 AA1190 MKJS-JFK N18066 A300 1224 AA1193 JFK-MKJS N180US A321 2112 US1418 LAX-PHL N180US A321 0903 US1419 PHL-LAX N180US A321 0751 US1804 BOS-PHL N18102 E145 0706 XE2252 RIC-CLE-AUS N18112 B752 2132 CO0483 SJU-EWR N18119 B752 1811 CO0524 CLE-EWR N18120 E145 1631 XE2235 SAV-EWR N18120 E145 1108 XE2557 OKC-EWR N18120 E145 1225 XE2229 EWR-SAV N181UW A321 0857 US1247 LGA-CLT N181UW A321 1222 US1106 CLT-PHL N181UW A321 1413 US0965 PHL-SFO N18223 B738 0821 CO0124 CLE-EWR N18243 B738 1933 CO0268 EWR-LAS N18243 B738 0812 CO0428 EWR-DEN N182UW A321 1539 US1426 LAX-PHL N182UW A321 1659 US0753 PHL-SEA N18350 B733 1649 CO0621 EWR-IND N18350 B733 0936 CO1005 EWR-JAX N183AN B752 1739 AA0145 BOS-LAX N183AN B752 1503 AA1506 MIA-BOS N183JB E190 1115 B61060 AUS-JFK N183UW A321 0627 US1195 PHL-PHX N183UW A321 1854 US1245 PHL-TPA N183UW A321 1738 US1192 PHX-PHL N183UW A321 0043 US0000 N184JB E190 1716 B60917 JFK-ORD N184US A321 1007 USA119 N184US A321 0835 USA121 N185DN B763 1854 DL0124 ATL-ATL-EBBR N185UW A321 1834 US0702 LAX-PHL-EDDF N185UW A321 2101 US1029 PHL-TPA N18658 B735 1316 CO0510 IAH-EWR N186DN B763 1934 DL0068 SFO-ATL-CPH N186US A321 2020 US0769 PHL-BOS N186US A321 0316 US0000 N186US A321 0639 US1145 PHL-SAN N186US A321 1904 US1500 SAN-PHL N187JB E190 0842 B60900 ORD-JFK N187JB E190 1019 B60068 JFK-SYR N187US A321 1551 US0754 CLT-PHL-CDG N187WQ DHC-8-402 1106 CLC223 KORF-KEWR 9L3223 N187WQ DHC-8-402 1624 CLC206 9L3206 N187WQ DHC-8-402 0915 CLC220 9L3220 N188US A321 1812 US0729 LHR-PHL-SFO N188US A321 1558 US0752 SEA-PHL N188WQ DHC-8-402 2013 CLC226 9L3226 N188WQ DHC-8-402 0626 CLC217 KROC-KEWR 9L3217 N18982 E145 1344 XE3106 EWR-SYR-CLE N189UW A321 US 1856 US1530 PHX-PHL N189UW A321 US 0606 US0728 SFO-PHL-LHR N189UW A321 US 0607 US1583 PHL-CLT N190JB E190 0646 B61729 JFK-MDSD N190JB E190 0344 B61728 MDSD-JFK N190JB E190 2043 B61148 MCO-BTV N190UW A321 US 1856 US0703 PHL-LAX N190UW A321 US 1602 US1676 DEN-PHL N190UW A321 US 0738 US1677 PHL-DEN N190WQ DHC-8-402 2045 CLC215 KEWR-KBWI 9L3215 N190WQ DHC-8-402 1416 CLC270 KBWI-KEWR 9L3270 N19117 B752 1603 CO1037 EWR-SPIM N19141 B752 1356 CO0218 EWR-TPA N19141 B752 1927 CO0319 TPA-EWR N191DN B763 1821 DL0138 LAX-ATL-ATH N191WQ DHC-8-402 0737 CLC204 9L3204 N191WQ DHC-8-402 1212 CLC251 9L3251 N191WQ DHC-8-402 1717 CLC237 9L3237 N191WQ DHC-8-402 2000 CLC238 9L3238 N192FG GLF2 1115 XA0000 N192JB E190 0758 B60921 BOS-ORD N192JB E190 1202 B60904 ORD-JFK N192JB E190 2131 B60919 JFK-ORD N192JB E190 1836 B60916 ORD-JFK N192JB E190 1428 B60915 JFK-ORD N193AN B752 1014 AA0858 MIA-PHL N195DN B763 1604 DL0179 EGLL-ATL N195WQ DHC-8-402 1936 CLC276 9L3276 N195WQ DHC-8-402 1129 CLC252 9L3252 N195WQ DHC-8-402 1405 CLC253 9L3253 N195WQ DHC-8-402 0926 CLC233 KPIT-KEWR 9L3233 N19621 B735 2001 CO0821 SKCL-IAH-JFK N19621 B735 1239 CO1833 LGA-IAH N19623 B735 1228 CO1135 EWR-DFW N19623 B735 1023 CO0852 AUS-EWR N196SB C560XL 1723 UV0000 N197DN B763 2101 DL0062 DFW-ATL-LKPR N197JB E190 2041 B60626 HOU-JFK N198JB E190 1712 B61248 CLT-BOS N199WQ DHC-8-402 2000 CLC262 9L3262 N19VF DA900 1805 XA0001 N1S DA900 0635 XA0001 N200UU B752 1900 US1655 PHL-MCO N200UU B752 1254 US0799 EHAM-PHL-MCO N200WQ DHC-8-402 2032 CLC227 9L3227 N200WQ DHC-8-402 0649 CLC221 9L3221 N200WQ DHC-8-402 1846 CLC224 9L3224 N201UU B757 US 2057 US0750 LAS-PHL-BRU N201UU B757 US 1604 US0723 DUB-PHL-MCO N202PS CRJ2 2130 US2311 PHL-CAK N202PS CRJ2 1957 US2330 ATL-PHL N202UW B757 US 0820 US0987 PHL-MCO N202UW B757 US 1942 US0798 MCO-PHL-AMS N202UW B757 US 1437 US1726 MCO-PHL N202WQ DHC-8-402 1334 CLC268 9L3268 N203JB E190 1144 B60576 MCO-SWF N203JB E190 1853 B60662 MCO-BUF N203JB E190 1338 B60577 SWF-MCO N203JB E190 2041 B61218 BUF-BOS N203WQ DHC-8-402 0848 CLC401 9L3401 N203WQ DHC-8-402 2101 CLC216 9L3216 N203WQ DHC-8-402 1940 CLC213 9L3213 N204UW B757 2102 US0730 FLL-PHL-LGW N204UW B757 0952 US1250 MCO-PHL N204UW B757 1648 US1084 MCO-PHL N205UW B757 US 1506 US0731 LGW-PHL-FLL N206JB E190 1457 B60402 MSY-BOS N206JB E190 0851 B60401 BOS-MSY N206UW B757 US 1131 US0811 PHL-CUN N206UW B757 US 1854 US0812 CUN-PHL N207AA MD82 0819 AA0398 ORD-LGA N207AA MD82 1018 AA0317 LGA-ORD-IAH N2121 B737-7EI 1536 UV0816 N212VZ G300 0712 XA0001 N214AA MD82 0708 AA2377 LGA-ATL N214AA MD82 1103 AA2370 ATL-LGA N214AA MD82 2122 AA2394 ATL-LGA N214AA MD82 1710 AA2393 LGA-ATL N214WY GLF3 1446 XA0000 N21537 E145 1718 XE2994 CLT-EWR N21537 E145 0833 XE3128 EWR-CAE N21537 E145 0624 XE3066 RIC-EWR N215PS CRJ2 1938 US2308 CHS-PHL N215PS CRJ2 0958 US2549 PHL-TYS-PHL N215PS CRJ2 0759 US2552 DAY-PHL N218PS CRJ2 1925 US2305 PHL-TYS N219AA MD82 1320 AA2275 LGA-BNA-DFW N219AA MD82 1115 AA0840 STL-LGA N227AA MD82 1332 AA1025 EWR-ORD-IND N22971 E145 1554 XE2307 IAH-JAX-EWR N22971 E145 2134 XE2882 BNA-EWR N229JB E190 1407 B60908 ORD-JFK N229JB E190 1003 B60907 JFK-ORD N23139 E145 1007 XE2624 TUL-EWR N233QS DA2000EX 0853 GS0000 N23661 B735 1310 CO1728 MYR-EWR N23661 B735 0950 CO1443 EWR-MYR N23661 B735 1500 CO1132 EWR-BOS N23661 B735 1748 CO1195 BOS-EWR N23721 B737 0836 CO0861 EWR-TNCM N239JB E190 S5 0743 B61021 BOS-JFK N239JB E190 S5 1344 B61065 JFK-AUS N241AA MD82 0905 AA0675 BWI-DFW-MEX N24202 B738 1802 CO0702 EWR-LAX N24202 B738 1454 CO0485 PDX-EWR N244PS CRJ2 0750 US2482 CAK-PHL N244PS CRJ2 1018 US2457 PHL-RIC N245AY B767 US 1502 US0707 MUC-PHL-DEN N245AY B767 US 2102 US0702 LAX-PHL-EDDF N245QS DA2000 1126 GS0001 N24706 B737 2053 CO1174 ORD-EWR N24736 B737 0733 CO1777 PHL-IAH N247PS I1125 1944 XA0000 N248AY B767 US 1152 US6717 LAX-SFO N248AY B767 US 1643 US0758 MSY-PHL-LGAV N249AA MD82 1149 AA0731 LGA-DFW-MCI N249AA MD82 0910 AA1152 MSP-LGA N249AU B767 US 1054 US1070 PHL-TXKF N249AU B767 US 1846 US0714 BOS-PHL-LIPZ N249AU B767 US 0856 US1684 CLT-PHL N249AU B767 US 1544 US1425 TXKF-PHL N24SR LJ60 2058 UV0000 N250PS CRJ2 1454 US2533 PHL-TYS N250UP MD11-F 1543 UP2902 PHL-ONT N250UP MD11-F 1050 UP2901 ONT-PHL N25134 E145 1254 XE2484 EWR-MCI-CLE N251AA MD82 0806 AA1847 JFK-DFW-DEN N252AU B767 US 1505 US0703 PHL-LAX N252DH HS125 1202 XA0001 N253AY B767 US 1912 US0742 MIA-PHL-LEBL N253PS CRJ2 1209 US2484 PHL-LGA N253PS CRJ2 2001 US2466 LGA-DAY N253PS CRJ2 0859 US2523 PHL-AVP-PHL N253PS CRJ2 1823 US2448 DAY-LGA N253PS CRJ2 1405 US2355 LGA-DAY N254PS CRJ2 1905 US2528 CAK-PHL N254PS CRJ2 1436 US2476 DAY-PHL N254PS CRJ2 1058 US2307 PHL-DAY N25504 E135 0725 XE1200 EWR-IAD N25504 E135 1726 XE2762 EWR-YOW N25504 E135 1507 XE1288 DCA-EWR N25504 E135 1110 XE1287 EWR-DCA N255AA MD82 1034 AA0895 PHL-ORD-DEN N255AY B767 US 1411 US0743 BCN-PHL-MIA N255AY B767 US 1640 US0716 LAX-PHL-MXP N256AY B767 US 1300 US0711 ZRH-PHL-TPA N25705 B737 1453 CO0186 SNA-EWR N258JB E190 B6 1242 B61732 TXKF-JFK N259PS CRJ2 1809 US2343 PHL-DCA N26141 E145 1155 XE2320 CLE-MSP-EWR N261PS CRJ2 1301 US2437 HPN-CLT N26208 B738 1716 CO0225 EWR-CLE N26215 B738 1240 CO0700 FLL-EWR N26226 B738 1012 CO0567 EWR-YYZ N265JB ERJ190 B6 1924 B60130 JFK-BUF N265JB ERJ190 B6 2139 B60131 BUF-JFK N265JB ERJ190 B6 1009 B61061 JFK-AUS N265JB ERJ190 B6 1654 B61062 AUS-JFK N267AT B737 0706 FL0620 PHL-MCO N267JB E190 1027 B61731 JFK-TXKF N270AV A320 1639 U50180 PHL-FLL N270AV A320 0001 U50155 PIE-PHL N270AY A330 US 2041 US0734 RDU-PHL-MAN N270AY A330 US 1359 US0719 LIRF-PHL N270SC GLF4 1628 GS0001 N271AY A330 US 1543 US0700 ORD-PHL-FRA N271AY A330 US 0610 US0000 N271LV B737 0737 WN0597 BWI-MDW-SFO N272AT B737 2132 FL0959 FLL-BWI-BOS N272AY A330 US 1321 US0701 EDDF-PHL-ORD N272BC LJ45 1724 XA0001 N273AY A330 US 1252 US0735 MAN-PHL-LAS N274AY A330 US 1456 US0741 LEMD-PHL-ORD N274AY A330 US 1818 US0740 ORD-PHL-LEMD N274JB E190 2121 B61260 IAD-BOS N274JB E190 1919 B61259 BOS-IAD N274JB E190 1243 B61419 BOS-JAX N274JB E190 1703 B61418 JAX-BOS N27506 E135 1812 XE2626 N27506 E135 1032 XE2103 ABE-CLE N27512 E135 0706 XE2661 DCA-CLE N27512 E135 1310 XE3046 EWR-RIC-CLE N275AY A330 US 1826 US0754 CLT-PHL-CDG N275AY A330 US 1511 US0729 LHR-PHL-SFO N27610 B735 1730 CO1180 EWR-BOS N276AY A330 US 1711 US0718 CLT-PHL-FCO N276AY A330 US 1445 US0755 LFPG-PHL-CLT N27722 B737 1423 CO1741 MEX-EWR N277AY A330 US 1321 US0705 FRA-CLT-SFO N278AA MD82 0805 AA0707 LGA-DFW-PHX N278AT B737 1345 FL0624 MCO-PHL N278AT B737 0041 FL0330 N278AT B737 1854 FL0340 ATL-PHL N278AY A330 US 1237 US0733 LGW-CLT-SFO N278QS DA2000 1500 GS0001 N279AT B737 2132 FL0421 BWI-ROC N279JB E190 0940 B61205 HPN-RSW N281AT B737 0747 FL0081 BOS-BWI-LAX N281JB E190 0628 B61103 SYR-JFK-RDU N288AT B737 0638 FL0303 EWR-ATL-DEN N288AT B737 0030 FL0578 N289JB ERJ 190-10 1313 B60584 FLL-HPN N289JB ERJ 190-10 1527 B60585 HPN-FLL N290AT B737 1937 FL0623 MCO-PHL N290JB E190-100 1025 B61147 BTV-MCO N29129 B752 2118 CO1940 EWR-JAX-MCO N292UP MD-11F 0622 UP0203 SDF-PHL N293S 800XP 0554 XA0001 N296AT B737 FL 1649 FL0500 ATL-LGA N29917 E145 1617 XE2947 YYZ-EWR N29917 E145 1226 XE2972 EWR-YYZ N29917 E145 1059 XE3112 BWI-EWR N299AT B737 FL 1112 FL0047 PHL-ATL-DEN N299AT B737 FL 0937 FL0332 ATL-PHL N2BD DA900EX 1628 GS0001 N300AT B737 FL 1100 FL0789 ATL-PHL N301NB A319 1116 NW0630 MSY-MEM-LGA N301US A320 0659 NW0818 LGA-MEM-MKJS N302UP B763 0859 UP0000 N302UP B763 0756 UP0218 LFPG-PHL-SDF N303SE 125-800A 1110 XA0001 N304UA B733 1728 UA0633 MDT-ORD N305SJ 76 1502 XA0001 N306UP B763 1913 UP0106 SDF-EWR N308UP B763 0556 UP0237 NAS-MCO N308UP B763 0751 UP0000 N310NW A320 1500 NW0531 LGA-DTW N310NW A320 1220 NW0512 FAR-MSP-LGA N311AT B737 FL 1716 FL0268 ATL-BOS N313AT B737 1144 FL0368 ATL-LGA N313RF GLEX 1816 XA0000 N31412 B739 2011 CO1835 EWR-PHX N31412 B739 1800 CO0050 IAH-EWR N314US A320 1240 NW1769 PHL-DTW N314US A320 1105 NW1776 MKE-DTW-PHL N315NB A319 1238 NW0257 DCA-DTW-PHX N315UP B763 0945 UP0235 EWR-EGSS N317AT B737-7BD 0854 FL0209 LGA-MCO N318UA B733 0929 UA0860 GIG-GRU-IAD N320AA B762 0835 AA0033 JFK-LAX N320AA B762 2034 AA0004 LAX-JFK N321AA B762 1331 AA0000 N321NB A319 0744 NW1643 DCA-MEM N321US A320 1402 NWA532 NW0532 N322AA B762 1555 AA0034 LAX-JFK N322AA B762 1754 AA0177 JFK-SFO N322AA B762 1754 AA0000 N322QS C525 1900 GS0001 N322UP B763 0735 UP3116 SDF-JFK N323AA B762 0746 AA0000 N323AA B762 1221 AA0415 TXKF-JFK N323AA B762 0747 AA0686 JFK-TXKF N323AA B762 0001 AA0180 LAX-JFK N323NB A319 1858 NW1023 BWI-MSP-YEG N323NB A319 0645 NW1255 EWR-MEM-SAT N323QS C525 1417 GS0000 N324AA B762 2117 AA0000 N324AA B762 2100 AA0032 LAX-JFK N324US A320 1652 NWA554 NW0554 N324US A320 1901 NW0117 JFK-MSP-PHX N324US A320 1626 NW0554 DEN-MSP-JFK N325UP B763 1531 UP2956 PHL-OAK N325UP B763 1159 UP2955 OAK-PHL N325US A320 1904 NW0237 DCA-DTW N325US A320 0944 NW1221 BWI-DTW-DEN N326AT B737 1701 FL0337 MCO-LGA N326US A320 0623 NW0541 LGA-DTW N327AA B762 1635 AA0133 JFK-LAX N327AA B762 1416 AA0118 LAX-JFK N327NW A320 0643 NW0395 PHL-MSP-SMF N328NB A319 1145 NW1184 GRB-DTW-BDL N329AA B762 0912 AA1165 JFK-MIA N329AA B762 1509 AA1510 MIA-JFK N329AT B737 1545 FL0617 PHL-MCO N329AT B737 1442 FL0621 MCO-PHL N329NW A320 1856 NW0682 MSP-PHL N330AT B737 1737 FL0352 LGA-MCO N330NB A319 0856 NW1765 PHL-DTW N330NB A319 0752 NW1764 DTW-PHL N330QS C525 0816 GS0001 N33103 B752 1829 CO0068 EWR-EWR-ESSA N33132 B752 2001 CO1800 FLL-EWR N331NW A320 0851 NW0685 PHL-MSP N331UP B763 0532 UP0232 EMA-PHL N331UP B763 0857 UP0207 PHL-EDDK N33203 B738 1929 CO1854 EWR-PBI N33264 B738 0914 CO1626 EWR-SAN N33289 B738 0806 CO0736 EWR-MDST N332AA B762 2007 AA0021 JFK-LAX N332UA B733 0803 UA0421 ALB-ORD-SAN N33502 MD82 2149 AA1551 LGA-BNA N33502 MD82 2016 AA0738 DFW-LGA N335NB A319 2011 NW1715 DCA-MSP N33608 B735 2016 CO1153 EWR-DCA N33608 B735 1750 CO1182 ORD-EWR N336AT B737-7BD 2000 FL0514 LAX-MKE-LGA N337AT B737-7BD 1549 FL0631 MCO-BOS N337AT B737-7BD 1009 FL0953 FLL-BWI N338NB A319 1713 NW1437 PVD-DTW N338NW A320 1402 NW0689 PHL-MSP N338QS C525 1748 GS0000 N339AA B762 0700 AA0030 LAX-JFK N339AA B762 1130 AA0000 N339AA B762 1132 AA0015 JFK-JFK-SFO N339UA B733 2142 UA0119 DEN-PHL N34078 A300 0845 AA1635 JFK-SJU N340NB A319 1003 NW0362 SFO-MSP-EWR N340NB A319 1152 NW1083 EWR-MSP-RAP N340NW A320 1809 NW0683 PHL-MSP-FAR N340NW A320 1631 NW0182 SAN-MSP-PHL N34131 B752 1753 CO0016 LAX-EWR-GLA N341UA B733 1832 UA0688 ORD-LGA N341UA B733 2036 UA0695 LGA-ORD N344AT B737-7BD 1557 FL0787 ATL-PHL N344AT B737-7BD 1711 FL0333 PHL-ATL N345NB A319 0951 NW0540 DTW-LGA N345NB A319 1155 NW0633 LGA-MEM-MSY N345NW A320 0704 NW0273 DTW-SAN N346XL C560 1546 XA0000 N348NB A319 0935 NW0688 MSP-PHL N348NB A319 1052 NW0687 PHL-MSP N349NW A320 2044 NW0538 DTW-LGA N349UA B733 1807 UA0651 EWR-ORD-SAN N349UA B733 1622 UA0422 DEN-EWR N350NA A320 1321 NW0508 MSP-LGA N350NA A320 1636 NW0275 LGA-DTW-SAN N3515 MD82 1019 AA1649 EWR-DFW-ONT N35260 B738 0857 CO1581 EWR-SEA-ANC N35271 B738 0652 CO0451 LGA-CLE N353AA B763 1609 AA0127 JFK-SAN N357FE MD10-10F 0544 FX1431 MEM-JFK N357FE MD10-10F 0800 FX0869 JFK-MEM N358NW A320 1710 NW0672 SLC-MSP-EWR N359AA B763 0719 AA0059 JFK-SFO N360NW A320 1652 NW0614 GEG-MSP-LGA N360NW A320 1911 NW0529 LGA-DTW-ORD N36207 B738 0721 CO1002 EWR-LAX N362NB A319 1523 NW0653 DTW-EWR N362NB A319 1142 NW0229 DCA-DTW N362NB A319 1818 NW0661 EWR-DTW N363NB A319 0932 NW0657 EWR-DTW-GRR N365FE MD-10-10F 1806 FX0764 MEM-JFK N368AA B763 1515 AA0160 SAN-JFK N368AA B763 1854 AA0044 JFK-JFK-LFPG N368NW A320 0703 NW0335 PVD-DTW-LAX N36915 E145 1121 XE3118 EWR-CHS N36915 E145 1453 XE2074 CHS-EWR N36915 E145 0933 XE2997 MSP-EWR N369NB A319 0610 NW1771 PHL-DTW N369NW A320 1714 NW0882 LGA-MEM-TPA N370AA B763 1853 AA0016 SFO-SFO-JFK N370FE MD10-10-F 0909 FX0851 PHL-MEM N371NW A320 0638 NW0152 EWR-MSP-SNA N37252 B738 2007 CO0318 EWR-TPA N37252 B738 1647 CO0879 MDPC-EWR N37267 B738 1638 CO0201 EWR-FLL N37273 B738 1912 CO0449 SFO-EWR N37274 B738 2005 CO0088 PEK-EWR-IAH N37274 B738 1636 CO1660 TXKF-EWR N37274 B738 0829 CO1757 EWR-BUF N37274 B738 1101 CO1856 BUF-EWR N372AA B763 1825 AA0172 JFK-JFK-EBBR N372NW A320 0905 NW1212 BDL-MSP N372QS C525 1345 GS0000 N3733Z B738 0515 DL0640 PHX-JFK N3734B B738 1250 DL0486 POS-JFK N373FE MD-10-10F 0756 FX0604 EWR-MEM N373NW A320 2018 NW0239 DCA-DTW N37408 B739 1430 CO0023 DUB-EWR-IAH N37408 B739 1229 CO0052 EZE-IAH-EWR N3741S B738 2034 DL1202 CVG-BDL N3743H B738 1245 DL0634 DEN-JFK N3744F B738 1008 DL0493 JFK-MDSD N3744F B738 1752 DL0494 MDSD-JFK N3744F B738 0602 DL1664 SLC-JFK N3745B B738 1731 DL0107 FRA-JFK-SEA N3745B B738 1458 DL0642 PDX-JFK N3747D B738 0757 DL0601 JFK-LAX N3755D B738 1203 DL0605 JFK-LAX N3755D B738 0758 DL0632 SEA-JFK N3758Y B738 1600 DL1228 DEN-CVG-LGA N3759 B738 1805 DL0638 PHX-JFK N3759 B738 2103 DL1581 JFK-SLC N375DA B738 1642 DL1649 JFK-SLC N375DA B738 1402 DL0005 SLC-JFK-LGW N375FE MD10-10F 1557 FX3012 SJC-EWR N375NC A320 1158 NW0369 JFK-MSP-SFO N3760C B738 1736 DL0151 LIPZ-JFK-SFO N3761R B738 1658 DL0001 SFO-JFK-LHR N3761R B738 1959 DL0073 IST-JFK-SFO N3763D B738 1018 DL0613 JFK-SFO N3764D B738 1704 DL0127 MAD-JFK-SAN N3765 B738 0544 DL0618 SFO-JFK N3765 B738 0922 DL0637 KJFK-KPHX N3766 B738 1558 DL0098 SAN-JFK N3766 B738 1903 DL0133 ATH-JFK-LAX N376DA B738 2143 DL0611 JFK-LAX N376SC DA2000EX 1834 XA0000 N37700 B738 1958 DL0617 JFK-LAS N377NW A320 1318 NW0535 LGA-DTW N377NW A320 1141 NW0542 IND-DTW-LGA N377NW A320 1900 NW0183 LGA-MSP-SAN N377NW A320 1609 NW0530 DTW-LGA N377QS C680 1656 GS0000 N378DA B738 1724 DL1772 MSY-LGA N378NW A320 1626 NW1767 PHL-DTW-GRR N380QS C680 GS 1650 GS0000 N381UA B733 1121 UA0281 BDL-ORD N381UA B733 0931 UA0224 SFO-IAD-BDL N38268 B738 1931 CO0233 LGA-IAH N382AN B763 1518 AA0085 JFK-SFO N382AN B763 0653 AA0956 SAEZ-JFK N382DA B738 1154 DL1278 ATL-EWR N383DN B738 0810 DL1529 BDL-FLL N383DN B738 1608 DL1750 BDL-ATL-TLH N386DA B738 1647 DL0502 MDST-JFK N386DA B738 1927 DL0635 JFK-DEN N386UA B733 1816 UA0654 SAN-ORD-EWR N387FE MD-10-10F 1819 FX3743 IND-BOS N389DA B738 0616 DL1749 EWR-ATL N391AA B763 1326 AA0199 LIMC-JFK N39343 B733 1042 CO1470 BOS-CLE N393QS C525 0948 GS0001 N394TR GLF4 1720 GS0001 N39728 B737 1528 CO0661 SAT-EWR N397JJ GLF4 0624 XA0001 N399FE MD10-10-F 0626 FX1514 MEM-EWR N399FE MD10-10-F 0848 FX3609 EWR-IND N400GX GLEX 2006 XA0001 N400J GLF4 1833 XA0001 N402LM GLF2 1308 GS0001 N403QS GLF4 1224 GS0001 N403SW CRJ2 1734 OO2557 PHL-MKE N403UA A320 0611 UA0185 PHL-SFO N404FE A310 0001 FX1915 TPA-EWR N404M GLF5 1512 XA0001 N404US B734 1023 US1023 PHL-TPA N404US B734 0758 US0954 FLL-PHL N404WN B737 0957 WN2560 TPA-BWI-MHT N405A MD82 1859 AA1578 MFE-DFW-STL N405A MD82 2053 AA2019 LGA-STL N405HG GLF5 1330 XA0001 N405QS G450 1506 GS0000 N405UA A320 0652 UA0193 PHL-LAX N406UP B752 0821 UP2114 JFK-PHL N406UP B752 1403 UP2908 PHL-SNA N406US B734 0909 US1640 CLT-EWR N407AA MD82 1910 AA0763 LGA-DFW N407AA MD82 1703 AA0728 DFW-LGA N407UA A320 0957 UA1671 IAD-TNCA N409AA MD82 0930 AA0395 PHL-DFW-SAN N409LM GLF2 1338 GS0001 N41063 A300 0558 AA1845 JFK-MIA-SJU N410AW CRJ2 1353 US3926 PHL-AVP ZW3926 N41140 B752 1842 CO0122 EWR-EWR-EKCH N411UA A320 1944 UA0499 BDL-IAD N411UP B752 0009 UP1131 SYR-BUF-PHL N411UP B752 0248 UP1154 PHL-PIT N413QS G400 1218 GS0001 N415AA MD82 1847 AA0541 BOS-DFW-DEN N415AA MD82 0006 AA0852 DFW-BOS N415AA MD82 1550 AA0424 DFW-BOS N415UA A320 0740 UA0759 PHL-ORD N415UA A320 0534 UA0196 LAX-PHL N416BD CL604 1314 XA0416 N416FE A310 0844 FX3621 BDL-IND N416FE A310 0624 FX1435 MEM-BDL N417AA MD82 0908 AA0313 LGA-ORD N417US B734 1353 US0926 CLT-ORD N418UP B752 0345 UP1134 PHL-ALB-SYR N418US B734 1441 US1980 PBI-PHL N418US B734 1615 US0983 PHL-JAX N419US B734 0811 US1208 EWR-CLT N420AA MD82 0614 AA1277 PHL-DFW N420AA MD82 0046 AA2452 DFW-PHL N421UA A320 1301 UA0532 DEN-ORD-BOS N421UA A320 0843 UA0829 BOS-ORD N422US B734 0656 US1159 MHT-DCA-MCO N422US B734 2142 US0855 MCO-DCA-PVD N423TT GLF4 1749 GS0001 N426FE A310 0508 FX0160 EWR-YYZ N426UP B752 1458 UP2907 LAX-PHL N426US B734 0731 US1612 PHL-BOS N426US B734 1032 US1531 BOS-PHL N427AA MD82 1326 AA1757 LGA-STL N427AA MD82 1115 AA0704 AUS-DFW-LGA N427US B734 1006 US1438 RSW-PHL N427US B734 1916 US1717 PHL-PBI N428QS GLF4 1252 GS0001 N428UA A320 0908 UA0607 DCA-ORD N429SJ DA2000 0359 XA0001 N430QS GLF4 1613 GS0000 N432AA MD82 1958 AA0740 OKC-DFW-LGA N432US B734 0751 US1803 PHL-PIT N432US B734 1624 US1027 PIT-PHL N432US B734 1832 US0759 LGAV-PHL-MSY N434AA MD83 2106 AA0350 SAN-ORD-LGA N434UA A320 1357 UA0170 SFO-BOS N435UP B752 0338 UP1234 PHL-RIC N435UP B752 0137 UP9204 SDF-PHL N438UP B752 0320 UP1492 PHL-LAN N439AW CRJ2 0632 US3635 HPN-DCA ZW3635 N439US B734 0843 US1226 PVD-CLT-MYNN N439US B734 1955 US1840 NAS-CLT-EWR N440AS DA2000 0853 GS0000 N440US B734 1716 US1107 EWR-CLT N440US B734 2104 US0956 CLT-BOS N441US B734 2030 US1947 DCA-FLL N441US B734 1025 US1846 CLT-PHL N441US B734 0641 US1093 EWR-CLT N441US B734 1220 US1563 PHL-FLL N442US B734 1507 US0933 EWR-CLT-JAX N442US B734 1256 US0966 PBI-CLT-EWR N443US B734 1102 US1905 DCA-FLL N443US B734 1823 US1607 PIT-PHL N443US B734 2041 US1406 PHL-MHT N444US B734 1842 US0743 BCN-PHL-MIA N444US B734 1014 US1833 ALB-PHL-NAS N445US B734 2109 US0955 PHL-FLL N445US B734 1844 US0730 FLL-PHL-LGW N44LX GLF4 1709 GS0001 N450UW B734 1045 US1818 YYZ-CLT N450XX G450 1615 GS0000 N451AA MD82 1829 AA1719 BWI-DFW N451CM GLF4 1520 GS0000 N451GA GLF4 1015 XA0001 N451UW B734 1557 US0735 MAN-PHL-LAS N451UW B734 1031 US1837 PHL-CLT N451UW B734 2148 US1853 PHL-BWI N451UW B734 1411 US0718 CLT-PHL-FCO N451UW B734 1841 US0734 RDU-PHL-MAN N452UP B752 0002 UP1351 PIE-PHL N452UP B752 0309 UP0362 PHL-JAX-MIA N452UW B734 1150 US1815 PHL-CLT N452UW B734 0942 US1758 PBI-PHL N452UW B734 2109 US1258 PHL-BDL N452UW B734 1827 US1928 RSW-PHL N453AA MD82 1730 AA1450 MSY-ORD-EWR N453AA MD82 1934 AA1411 EWR-ORD-MSP N453UW B734 1617 US0799 EHAM-PHL-MCO N453UW B734 1442 US1884 TPA-PHL N453UW B734 2059 US1608 MCO-PHL N454AW CRJ2 1151 US4083 LGA-PIT ZW4083 N454UA A320 1309 UA0435 PHL-DEN N454UA A320 1200 UA1224 MSP-ORD-PHL N455AA MD82 1538 AA0693 BOS-DFW N456UW B734 0951 US0817 ORD-PHL-CUN N456UW B734 1608 US0740 ORD-PHL-LEMD N456UW B734 1822 US1069 PHL-RSW N456UW B734 1204 US1731 PHL-ORD N457UP B752 1203 UP2293 CAE-PHL N457UW B734 1038 US1800 CLT-BOS N457UW B734 1328 US1929 BOS-PHL N459UW B734 1048 US1616 CLT-EWR N462AA MD82 1957 AA2491 PHL-ORD-AUS N462AA MD82 0827 AA1323 JFK-ORD N464UA A320 1856 UA0307 BWI-LAX N466AA MD82 1740 AA0782 PHL-ORD-TPA N466AA MD82 1558 AA2456 ORD-PHL N466UP B752 0313 UP1056 PHL-MHT N467AW CRJ2 0722 US3593 ITH-PHL ZW3593 N468UP B752 0156 UP0000 N468UP B752 0004 UP0361 MIA-PHL N468UP B752 0241 UP1122 PHL-BDL-ALB N469AA MD82 1742 AA1198 AUS-RDU-LGA N469AA MD82 2006 AA0363 LGA-ORD N470UP B752 0304 UP1320 PHL-CAE-JAX N470WN B737 2111 WN0600 PDX-SLC-BWI N471UP B752 0337 UP1132 PHL-BUF-SYR N473AA MD82 0945 AA0392 ORD-LGA N473AA MD82 1147 AA0321 LGA-ORD-AUS N473UP B752 0319 UP1274 PHL-RDU N474UP B752 0303 UP1352 PHL-ABY N475AA MD82 1448 AA0370 STL-ORD-LGA N478AA MD82 1412 AA1786 TPA-JFK N478AA MD82 1625 AA1917 JFK-MCO N479TA A319 0059 TA0566 MSLP-KJFK N480AA MD82 1316 AA0743 LGA-DFW N48127 B752 1603 CO1703 LAX-EWR N48127 B752 2050 CO0022 EWR-EWR-EIDW N486AA MD82 1940 AA1329 LGA-MCO N487TA A320 1043 TA0581 IAD-SAL N489TA A320 0307 TA0572 MSLP-MGGT-JFK N489TA A320 0955 TA0571 JFK-MSLP N489VC HS125 1531 XA0001 N492TA A320 0458 TA0567 KJFK-MSLP N495AA MD82 0630 AA1017 LGA-MSP N498AA MD82 0805 AA0544 EWR-ORD N4PG GLF4 1443 GS0001 N50051 A300 1807 AA1555 JFK-MIA-SJU N50051 A300 1833 AA0000 N500AF DA50 1456 XA0001 N500N C525 2001 GS0000 N501PC DA50EX 1216 XA0001 N501UA B752 1053 UA0405 LGA-DEN-SNA N501UA B752 0912 UA0846 EZE-IAD-LGA N502PC CL601 1515 XA0001 N503JB A320 2034 B60782 MDSD-JFK N503JB A320 1040 B60150 MCO-JFK N505AA MD82 0803 AA1435 PHL-DFW N505AA MD82 1734 AA1795 ATL-LGA-YYZ N505JB A320 1720 B60357 JFK-BUR N505LR 125-1000A 0602 XA0001 N505UA B752 1205 UA0053 JFK-LAX N507US B752 0713 NW0526 DTW-LGA N508UA B752 0634 UA0016 SFO-JFK N508UA B752 2147 UA0852 NRT-SFO-JFK N509JB A320 1922 B60182 SAN-JFK N510JB A320 2020 B60170 SJC-JFK N510UA B752 1826 UA0017 JFK-SFO N5115 C750 1907 XA0000 N511QS GLF5 0827 GS0001 N511US B752 1211 NW0113 LGA-MSP-PHX N511US B752 0953 NW0774 LAS-MSP-LGA N512UA B752 0629 UA0005 JFK-SFO N512UA B752 2048 UA0019 JFK-SFO N512UA B752 1809 UA0892 ICN-SFO-JFK N513AA MD82 1405 AA1030 STL-LGA N513AA MD82 0929 AA1855 LGA-STL N515UA B752 0833 UA0835 LGA-ORD-PVG N516CC I1126 1607 UV0000 N517AU B733 0700 US0771 ALB-DCA-FLL N386AU N517JB A320 0746 B60041 SYR-JFK-MCO N517UA B752 1544 UA0022 LAX-JFK N518AU B733 0623 US1575 BDL-DCA-JAX N387AU N518UA B752 0634 UA0018 LAX-JFK N518UA B752 2133 UA0840 MEL-SYD-LAX N518UA B752 0833 UA0877 JFK-LAX N519JB A320 1151 B60372 FLL-LGA N519NK A319 1034 NKS300 N519UA B752 1005 UA0637 PHL-ORD N519US B752 2112 NW0519 LGA-MSP N519US B752 1757 NW0558 DEN-MSP-LGA N521JB A320 0728 B60117 JFK-MSY N521JB A320 1715 B60055 BTV-JFK N521JB A320 0451 B60092 SLC-JFK N522NK A319 1742 NK0303 ACY-MCO-SJU N522UP B742 1721 UP2076 SDF-EWR N522UP B742 0423 UP1082 SDF-EWR N522UP B742 0831 UP2075 EWR-SDF N523UA B752 2055 UA0658 ORD-EWR N523VA A319-112 0650 VX1239 SFO-JFK N523VA A319-112 0945 VX1224 JFK-SFO N523VA A319-112 2131 VX1223 SFO-JFK N524JB A320 2051 B60198 LAS-JFK N524JB A320 0842 B60197 BUF-JFK-LAS N525UA B752 1131 UA0011 JFK-SFO N525UA B752 0701 UA0032 LAX-JFK N525VA A319-112 0746 VX1238 JFK-SFO N52616 B735 1632 CO0329 BDL-IAH N526AU B733 0942 US0945 MDT-CLT-JAX N395AU N526UA B752 0833 UA0173 BOS-SFO N526VA A319-112 1904 VX1234 JFK-SFO N526VA A319-112 1634 VX1231 SFO-JFK N527AU B733 1020 US0763 BDL-PHL-MIA N396AU N527AU B733 1626 US0742 MIA-PHL-LEBL N396AU N527AU B733 0752 US1833 ALB-PHL-NAS N396AU N527UA B752 2004 UA0176 SFO-BOS N527VA A319-112 1704 VX1230 JFK-SFO N527VA A319-112 1506 VX1235 SFO-JFK N528JB A320 0442 B60186 SAN-JFK N528JB A320 1107 B60078 MCO-JFK N528JB A320 1803 B60074 MCO-JFK N528UA B752 0815 UA0668 ORD-LGA N528UA B752 1033 UA851C N529AU B733 1055 US1270 PHL-BOS N529AU B733 1348 US1883 BOS-CLT N529AU B733 0817 US1243 MHT-PHL N529AU B733 1809 US1244 CLT-BDL N529JB A320 0653 B65211 KBOS-KFLL B60371 N529JB A320 1154 B60146 FLL-JFK-BUF N529JB A320 1613 B60219 BUF-JFK N530AU B733 1858 US1571 ORD-PHL N530AU B733 2051 US1234 PHL-ALB N530NK A319-132 0802 NK0343 KACY-KTPA N532UA B752 1706 UA0008 SFO-JFK N534JB A320 1803 B60756 TNCA-JFK N535JB A320 0815 B60563 SWF-FLL N535JB A320 1304 B60452 FLL-BOS N535US B752 0750 NW0382 DTW-BOS N536JB A320 0559 B60648 SFO-JFK N536JB A320 0829 B60102 JFK-BUF N536JB A320 1059 B60103 BUF-JFK N536UA B752 1935 UA0693 LGA-ORD N536UA B752 1716 UA1194 PDX-DEN-LGA N537UA B752 2104 UA0164 LAX-BOS N537US B752 2132 NW0066 EWR-EWR-EHAM N54241 B738 0911 CO0698 EWR-MYNN N54241 B738 1444 CO0699 NAS-EWR N54241 B738 1851 CO0784 EWR-PDX N542UA B752 1123 UA0441 BWI-DEN N543UA B752 2104 UA0824 SFO-BOS N544TS CL-600-2B1 1330 XA0001 N546JB A320 1335 B60612 JAX-JFK N54711 B737 2058 CO0425 EWR-CLE N54711 B737 1521 CO0330 EWR-RDU N547JB A320 0455 B60086 KSEA-KJFK N547JB A320 1336 B60392 MCO-LGA N547JB A320 2101 B60366 PBI-LGA N547UA B752 0745 UA819J N548AS B738 0756 AS0011 EWR-EWR-SEA N548JB A320 0803 B60305 IAD-LGB N550JB A320 0758 B60370 FLL-LGA N551NW B752 2034 NW0527 LGA-DTW N551NW B752 1756 NW0332 LAX-DTW-LGA N552JB A320 2130 B60746 SJU-MCO-EWR N553AA MD82 1614 AA1787 JFK-TPA N553AA MD82 1356 AA0630 MCO-JFK N553JB A320 2144 B60058 MCO-JFK N553UA B752 1334 UA0358 DEN-LGA N554AA MD82 0010 AA0762 PHX-DFW-LGA N554AA MD82 1356 AA0378 STL-ORD-LGA N554AA MD82 0614 AA0301 LGA-ORD-STL N554AA MD82 1611 AA0339 LGA-ORD N554JB A320 0657 B60045 ROC-JFK-TPA N554JB A320 1535 B61089 JFK-CLT N554JB A320 1332 B60032 TPA-JFK N554JB A320 2120 B60010 JFK-BUF N554UA B752 1343 UA0026 LAX-JFK N554UA B752 1642 UA0027 JFK-LAX N555UA B752 1336 UA0004 SFO-JFK N555UA B752 1607 UA0015 JFK-JFK-SFO N556AA MD82 1246 AA0739 LGA-DFW-LAS N556AA MD82 1014 AA0700 DFW-LGA N556JB A320 1525 B60188 SAN-JFK N556NW B752 1447 NW0595 DCA-MSP-PDX N556UA B752 0945 UA0641 BWI-ORD N557AS B738 0907 AS0025 BOS-SEA N557UA B752 1953 UA0010 SFO-JFK N557UA B752 0734 UA0837 JFK-SFO-RJAA N558JB A320 2016 B60581 HPN-PBI N558JB A320 1828 B60596 MCO-HPN N559FE MD10-10F 1726 FX0721 MEM-EWR N559UA B752 0831 UA0403 LGA-DEN-SNA N560UA B752 0700 UA0023 JFK-LAX N561AA MD82 1904 AA0353 LGA-ORD N561AA MD82 1646 AA0362 STL-ORD-LGA N561JB A320 0507 B60216 LGB-JFK N561JB A320 1958 B60644 SFO-JFK N561UA B752 1814 UA0627 DCA-ORD N562JB A320 1904 B60137 JFK-RSW N562JB A320 1712 B60044 MCO-JFK N563FE MD10-10F 1721 FX0550 MEM-PHL N563JB A320 1928 B60354 BUR-JFK N563JB A320 0812 B60353 JFK-BUR N564JB A320 1155 B60053 ROC-JFK-TPA N564JB A320 1905 B60534 TPA-EWR N564JB A320 0758 B60020 TPA-JFK-ROC N565JB A320 1529 B60506 FLL-EWR N565JB A320 0949 B60583 HPN-FLL N565JW C525 0605 GS0000 N566FE MD10-10F 0916 FX3625 JFK-IND N566FE MD10-10F 0551 FX1483 MEM-JFK N566JB A320 1709 B60015 JFK-FLL N568JB A320 2154 B60208 LGB-JFK N569JB A320 1058 B60787 JFK-TNCM N569JB A320 1905 B60788 TNCM-JFK N569UA B752 1753 UA0409 LGA-DEN-BOI N569UA B752 1533 UA0402 DEN-LGA N56D GLF4 0013 XA0001 N570AA MD83 1220 AA1776 DFW-PHL N570AA MD83 1357 AA1573 PHL-DFW-SFO N571JB A320 1749 B60075 SYR-JFK N571JB A320 1354 B60012 FLL-JFK-SYR N571JB A320 0658 B60019 BTV-JFK-FLL N571JB A320 2017 B60043 JFK-MCO N573UA B752 1444 UA0745 LGA-DEN-PDX N573UA B752 1234 UA0676 ORD-LGA N574AA MD82 1230 AA0382 IAH-ORD-LGA N574AA MD82 1446 AA0335 LGA-ORD N574US B733 2104 US1581 IND-CLT-PVD N350P N575AM MD82 0920 AA0394 ORD-LGA N575AM MD82 1116 AA0319 LGA-ORD-STL N577UA B752 1947 UA847K N57864 B753 0746 CO0743 EWR-MDSD N579JB A320 1436 B60048 MCO-JFK N580AA MD82 0839 AA2028 STL-LGA N580AA MD82 1055 AA0721 LGA-DFW-AUS N580QS C560XL 1536 GS0001 N581JB A320 1752 B61308 IAD-JFK N581JB A320 2041 B60089 JFK-ONT N581UA B752 0907 UA0427 BOS-IAD N582JB A320 1841 B60178 PHX-JFK N582JB A320 2100 B60148 JFK-BTV N583AA MD82 1735 AA0312 TUL-DFW-PHL N583AA MD82 1934 AA0863 PHL-DFW N583JB A320 1819 B60462 RSW-BOS N583JB A320 1016 B61004 JFK-BOS N583JB A320 0759 B60127 BTV-JFK N583UA B752 0738 UA0669 LGA-ORD N58606 B735 1417 CO1183 EWR-ORD N58606 B735 1847 CO1170 ORD-EWR N58606 B735 0912 CO1120 EWR-BOS N586D GLF4 1452 XA0001 N586JB A320 0953 B60505 EWR-FLL N586JB A320 1511 B60376 FLL-LGA N586UA B752 1011 UA0609 DCA-ORD N587JB A320 1601 B60152 RSW-JFK N587JB A320 2033 B60165 JFK-PDX N588JB A320 1502 B60562 FLL-SWF N588JB A320 1709 B60587 SWF-PBI N588JB A320 2142 B60588 PBI-SWF N588US B733 0746 US1955 PVD-PHL N588US B733 2121 US1526 ATL-CLT-LGA N588US B733 1002 US1157 PHL-RSW N589AA MD83 1018 AA1466 DFW-BOS N589JB A320 2116 B60120 MSY-JFK N589JB A320 1326 B60069 SYR-JFK N589JB A320 0927 B60054 MCO-JFK N59053 B764 1443 CO0015 EWR-EWR-HNL N59081 A300 1345 AA0834 MDST-JFK N59081 A300 0629 AA0833 JFK-MDST N59081 A300 0636 AA0000 N590JB A320 1358 B60346 SRQ-JFK N591AA MD83 1900 AA1191 LGA-MSP N591AA MD83 1124 AA1037 LGA-MSP N591AA MD83 1659 AA1154 MSP-LGA N592JB A320 1608 B60204 LGB-JFK N59338 B733 0728 CO0338 EWR-MIA N59338 B733 1318 CO0339 MIA-EWR N59338 B733 1556 CO0566 EWR-RSW N59338 B733 2130 CO0577 RSW-EWR N593JB A320 1740 B60002 JFK-BUF N594AA MD83 1542 AA0753 LGA-DFW N594AA MD83 1305 AA1748 BNA-LGA N594JB A320 1913 B60580 PBI-HPN N594JB A320 1156 B60051 BTV-JFK-PBI N597JB A320 1505 B61262 IAD-BOS N598JB A320 2130 B60707 JFK-SJU N598JB A320 1836 B60206 LGB-JFK N599JB A320 1129 B60183 JFK-SAN N5NG GLF4 2132 XA0001 N5UU DA900B 1734 XA0001 N602AN B752 1936 AA0000 N602AN B752 1919 AA0119 EWR-LAX N603AT B712 0800 FL1958 BWI-MCO N603JB A320 1359 B60006 LAS-JFK-BUF N603JB A320 1930 B60003 BUF-JFK N604AT B712 1358 FL0374 HPN-RSW N604B CL604 1301 XA0001 N604CZ E170-200LR 0703 CP1923 N605AW A320 1429 HP0254 PHX-PHL N605AW A320 1540 HP0598 PHL-LAS N605JB A320 0834 B60740 PSE-JFK N605JB A320 2126 B60050 FLL-JFK N606JB A320 1936 B60185 JFK-SAN N606JB A320 1656 B60712 SJU-JFK N606QS C560 1350 GS0001 N607JB A320 2134 B60036 JFK-ROC N607JB A320 0845 B60623 JFK-HOU N607JB A320 1552 B60624 HOU-JFK N607QS C560 1542 GS0001 N608DA B752 1408 DL0166 LAX-JFK N608WB GLF5 1756 XA0001 N610AA B752 0853 AA0775 LGA-MIA-STT N611AM B752 1741 AA1559 LGA-MIA N611AM B752 1552 AA0809 SJU-MIA-LGA N612JB A320 0746 B60610 JAX-JFK N612JB A320 0939 B60600 JFK-PWM N612JB A320 2042 B60097 JFK-DEN N612JB A320 1822 B60616 JAX-JFK N612JB A320 1358 B60615 JFK-JAX N61304 B733 1439 CO0432 IAH-LGA N61304 B733 1708 CO1057 LGA-CLE N613CZ E175 1602 CP1979 N613CZ E175 1150 CP1978 N613JB A320 1044 B60789 JFK-MDPP N613JB A320 1812 B60790 MDPP-JFK N613NW DC9-32 1650 NW1766 DTW-PHL N613NW DC9-32 1841 NW1763 PHL-DTW-AZO N614AA B752 1908 AA0223 BOS-LAX N615DL B752 0823 DL0682 ATL-PHL N615DL B752 1447 DL1657 ATL-PHL N615JB A320 0722 B60315 IAD-OAK N617AM B752 2126 AA0381 LGA-ORD N617AM B752 1903 AA0354 LAS-ORD-LGA N617CZ E175 1741 CP1921 N617CZ E175 1416 CP1905 N618JB A320 2003 B60033 ROC-JFK N621AM B752 0017 AA0866 MIA-PHL N621AM B752 0617 AA0000 N621AM B752 0621 AA0859 PHL-MIA N621CZ E175 1228 CP1901 N621VA A320 1804 VX0313 JFK-LAX N621VA A320 1541 VX0316 LAX-JFK N622AW A320 1635 HP0650 PHL-SFO N623JB A320 1636 B60176 SEA-JFK N623NP G-1159A GS 0954 GS0001 N624CS C680 1504 GS0000 N624JB A320 1932 B60014 FLL-JFK N624JB A320 1431 B60509 EWR-FLL N624JB A320 1242 B60504 FLL-EWR N624JB A320 0456 B60708 SJU-JFK N624VA A320-214 1706 VX0318 LAX-JFK N626AA B752 1204 AA0000 N626AA B752 1206 AA1267 BOS-MIA-SJU N627AA B752 1846 AA1444 JFK-TXKF N627AA B752 1847 AA0000 N627JB A320 1008 B60140 RSW-JFK N627JB A320 1228 B60175 JFK-SEA N628DL B752 1958 DL1575 PHL-ATL N629AA B752 1600 AA2133 BWI-MIA-SVMI N629AA B752 1602 AA0000 N629JB A320 2043 B60084 FLL-JFK N62HM DA50 1041 GS0001 N630DL B752 2020 DL1572 ATL-EWR N630JB A320 0758 B60172 SMF-JFK N630JB A320 2111 B60096 OAK-JFK N630VA A320 1017 VX0325 JFK-LAX N631AA B752 1027 AA1385 JFK-TBPB N631RW E170 1045 US7522 IAD-JAX S57522 N631VA A320 2127 VX0324 LAX-JFK N632AA B752 1833 AA1022 MIA-PHL N632AA B752 2003 AA0507 PHL-MIA N632JB A320 2053 B60212 LGB-JFK N632RW E170 1254 US7552 ORD-GRR-ORD S57552 N632RW E170 1000 US7602 ORD-MCI S57602 N633JB A320 1200 B60142 PBI-JFK N633VA A320 0445 VX0312 LAX-JFK N633VA A320 0830 VX0311 JFK-LAX N634JB A320 1345 B60734 STI-JFK N635AA B752 0757 AA0000 N635AA B752 0806 AA2189 LGA-MIA-MPTO N635DL B752 0715 DL0783 BWI-ATL-TPA N635JB A320 1917 B60394 MCO-LGA N636JB A320 B6 1644 B60060 TPA-JFK N636JB A320 B6 0926 B60026 FLL-JFK N637JB A320 1655 B60752 CUN-JFK N639JB A320 1445 B60745 EWR-MCO-SJU N639JB A320 1245 B60522 MCO-EWR N640JB A320 1557 B61264 AUS-BOS N641AA B752 1621 AA0226 SAN-BOS N642QS C525 1827 GS0001 N643DL B752 1532 DL1740 SLC-EWR N643JB A320 S5 1355 B60038 JFK-ROC N643JB A320 S5 1602 B60039 ROC-JFK N643JB A320 S5 0927 B61252 IAD-BOS N643UA B763 1002 UA0842 ORD-LAX N644JB A320 1237 B60046 MCO-JFK N645JB A320 1619 B60126 DEN-JFK N646JB A320 B6 2031 B60378 FLL-LGA N646JB A320 B6 1250 B60132 RSW-JFK N648JB A320 S5 1425 B60482 LGB-BOS N649RW E170 1740 US7504 DEN-COS-DEN S57504 N650AA B752 0637 AA0771 EWR-MIA-PUJ N650AA B752 0636 AA0000 N650AA B752 2031 AA0882 SDQ-MIA-LGA N650GE I1125 1202 UV0001 N650RW E170 1754 US7537 IAD-GSP-IAD S57537 N650RW E170 1311 US7503 LGA-IAD S57503 N650RW E170 1022 US7737 EUG-DEN-EUG S57737 N651FE A300 0753 FX3015 EWR-OAK N651JB A320 B6 0456 B60090 OAK-JFK N651JB A320 B6 1205 B60643 JFK-SFO N651RW E170 2142 US7579 SFO-FAT S57579 N652AA B752 0822 AA1985 PHL-SJU-STT N652JB A320 0658 B60002 JFK-BUF N652JB A320 0917 B60001 BUF-JFK-FLL N652JB A320 1635 B60062 FLL-JFK N652RW E170 1632 US7527 IAD-IND-IAD S57527 N655DL B752 1603 DL1166 SEA-SLC-PHL N655JB A320 1059 B60450 FLL-BOS N656DL B752 1313 DL1707 PHL-ATL N656DL B752 1135 DL1598 ATL-PHL N656JB A320 0621 B60498 SEA-BOS N656RW E170 0639 US7526 IAD-IND S57526 N657AW A320 2105 HP0052 JFK-LAS N657FE A300 1306 FX3014 LAX-EWR N657FE A300 1623 FX3013 EWR-LAX N657JB A320-232 0818 B60004 FLL-JFK-BUF N657JB A320-232 1233 B60139 BUF-JFK-RSW N657RW E170 1022 US7584 FAT-SFO-FAT S57584 N658FE A300 2143 FX1273 BOS-MEM N658JB A320 1537 B60640 SFO-JFK N658UA B763 1004 UA0922 ORD-IAD-LHR N659JB A320 2048 B60436 MCO-BOS N659JB A320 1257 B60434 MCO-BOS N66056 B764 1542 CO0071 EHAM-EWR N66057 B764 1904 CO0044 EWR-EWR-LIMC N660AM B752 1445 AA2212 CUN-DFW N660AM B752 1233 AA2062 MIA-BOS N660AW A320 1632 HP0255 PHL-PHX N660AW A320 1357 HP0433 LAS-PHL N661AW A320 0503 HP0018 PHX-JFK N661JB A320 1608 B60309 JFK-IAD-SAN N661JB A320 0620 B60709 JFK-SJU N661JB A320 1334 B60714 SJU-JFK N662AA B752 0806 AA0000 N662AA B752 2052 AA0586 SDQ-SJU-EWR N662JB A320 1412 B60554 RSW-EWR N662JB A320 0825 B60553 EWR-RSW N662JB A320 1816 B60547 EWR-PBI N662UA B763 1257 UA0953 FRA-IAD-PHX N663DN B752 0742 DL1193 PHL-SLC N663JB A320-232 1655 B60524 MCO-EWR N663JB A320-232 1155 B60523 EWR-MCO N663MK DA900EX 0630 XA0001 N664DN B752 1344 DL1868 BDL-ATL N664FE A300 0334 FX1950 EWR-ORD N668AA B752 0219 AA0020 SFO-JFK N668AA B752 1621 AA0412 STT-JFK N668AA B752 0812 AA0655 JFK-STT N668AW A320 1601 HP0250 KPHX-KPHL N668AW A320 1902 HP0192 PHL-PHX-SAN N669AA B752 0704 AA0150 SFO-BOS N6703D B752 1423 DL0148 SFO-JFK-FCO N67052 B764 2026 CO0070 EWR-EWR-EHAM N67052 B764 1546 CO0105 LGAV-EWR N67134 B752 1859 CO0062 IAH-EWR-MAD N67157 B762 1412 CO0063 LEMD-EWR N67158 B762 0934 CO0018 EWR-EWR-EGLL N67158 B762 0524 CO0030 SBGR-EWR N671AA B752 1707 AA0269 JFK-SEA N671AA B752 1442 AA0258 LAS-JFK N671FE A300 0827 FX0872 MHT-MEM N671MC DC9-51 2035 NW1761 PHL-DTW N672AW A320 1552 HP0012 KPHX-KJFK N672AW A320 1906 HP0017 JFK-PHX N672DL B752 1603 DL0150 SLC-JFK-VCE N673AN B752 1004 AA0000 N673AN B752 1831 AA1764 MDPC-JFK N673AN B752 0958 AA1781 JFK-MDPC N673AW A320 1000 HP0217 EWR-PHX N673P GLF5 0954 XA0001 N675AN B752 0945 AA0709 LGA-DFW N676AN B752 1806 AA0225 BOS-SAN N677AW A320 1848 HP0219 N678AN B752 2044 AA0744 DFW-LGA N678AW A320 1845 HP0685 KPHX-KEWR N678DL B752 2001 DL1874 MCO-BDL N678QS C560 1550 GS0001 N68051 DC10-10F 1849 FX0514 KMEM-KPHL N68054 DC10-10F 1004 FX0658 BOS-MEM N680AN B752 0944 AA0043 EWR-LAX N682AA B752 1220 AA0000 N682AA B752 1220 AA0667 JFK-TNCM N682AA B752 0906 AA1443 TXKF-JFK N685FE A300 0353 FX1021 MSP-ORD-BOS N685QS C650XL 1452 GS0001 N685TA GLF5 1212 XA0001 N686FE A300 1604 FX3008 EWR-FLL N687SW B733 1500 WN2100 BUF-BWI-TPA N688AA B752 1710 AA0257 JFK-LAS N689DL B752 1754 DL1505 KBWI-KATL N69020 B777-224 1300 CO0089 IAH-EWR-PEK N69059 B764 1846 CO0104 EWR-EWR-LGAV N693AA B752 0955 AA1970 MIA-EWR N693AA B752 1156 AA1623 EWR-MIA N694AN B752 1556 AA1713 LGA-MIA N694AN B752 1602 AA0000 N69602 B735 0924 CO1575 CLE-LGA N69602 B735 1143 CO1033 LGA-IAH N6D GLEX 1425 XA0123 N70079 A300 1001 AA0648 SJU-JFK N70079 A300 1228 AA0423 JFK-MIA N700QS GLF2 2049 GS0001 N700UW A319 0714 US0803 PHL-CUN N700UW A319 1720 US1037 PHL-SJU N700UW A319 1547 US0804 CUN-PHL N701MH E135 2024 AA4752 YUL-JFK MQ4752 N702AE E135 1133 AA4740 XNA-DCA-JFK MQ4740 N702TW B752 1914 DL0080 LAS-JFK-AMS N702TW B752 0829 DL0619 JFK-LAS N702UW A319 1155 US1996 SJU-PHL-ORD N70353 B733 1505 CO0360 EWR-SAT N70353 B733 1306 CO0477 RSW-EWR N703JB A320-232 0742 B60166 PDX-JFK N703MR E135 1318 AA4651 EWR-RDU MQ4651 N703MR E135 0707 AA4886 CLE-LGA MQ4886 N703UW A319 1132 US2171 LGA-DCA N703UW A319 0722 US2163 LGA-DCA N703UW A319 2116 US2188 DCA-LGA N703UW A319 1820 US2180 DCA-LGA N703UW A319 0924 US2164 DCA-LGA N703UW A319 1412 US2172 DCA-LGA N703UW A319 1532 US2179 LGA-DCA N704US A319 2010 US0958 PHL-ORD N704US A319 1844 US1730 JAX-PHL N705JB A320-232 0628 B60037 BUF-JFK-PBI N705JB A320-232 1410 B60544 PBI-EWR N705JB A320-232 1557 B60537 EWR-TPA N705JB A320-232 2040 B60028 TPA-JFK N705UW A319 1523 US2132 LGA-BOS N7062A A300 0756 AA9625 JFK-TUL N706JB A320-232 0525 B60200 LAS-JFK N706JB A320-232 1903 B60192 LAS-JFK N706PS CRJ7 2014 US2243 MDT-CLT-BHM N707EB E135 0913 AA4673 RDU-JFK MQ4673 N707EB E135 0619 AA4724 LGA-RDU MQ4724 N707EB E135 1911 AA4757 JFK-DCA MQ4757 N7083A A300 1843 AA1582 MDSD-JFK N7083A A300 1048 AA1529 JFK-MDSD N7083A A300 1048 AA0152 JFK-LEBL N7083A A300 1101 AA0000 N708AE E135 1831 AA4828 CLE-LGA MQ4828 N708AE E135 2001 AA4897 LGA-CLT MQ4897 N708AE E135 0731 AA4834 LGA-XNA MQ4834 N708UW A319 1157 US2031 BOS-DCA N708UW A319 0647 US2021 BOS-DCA N708UW A319 0906 US2024 DCA-BOS N709GB E135 1800 AA4574 BOS-DCA-BNA MQ4574 N709UW A319 0827 US0921 PHL-MBJ N709UW A319 1902 US0827 PHL-BOS N709UW A319 1023 US1937 ORD-PHL-PBI N709UW A319 1632 US1878 PBI-PHL N710TB E135 0943 AA4566 BOS-RDU MQ4566 N710UW A319 0625 US2161 LGA-DCA N711NR C560XL 0739 XA0001 N711UW A319 1522 US2176 DCA-LGA N711UW A319 1334 US2175 LGA-DCA N711UW A319 1142 US2168 DCA-LGA N711UW A319 1947 US2184 DCA-LGA N711UW A319 0758 US2160 DCA-LGA N713AE E135 1832 AA4918 CMH-LGA MQ4918 N713AE E135 2123 AA4879 LGA-CMH MQ4879 N713TW B752 1032 DL0119 LFPG-JFK N713TW B752 1938 DL0106 JFK-JFK-EDDF N713UW A319 1006 US0921 PHL-MBJ N713UW A319 0759 US1810 PIT-PHL N713UW A319 1759 US0920 MKJS-PHL N714US A319 1811 US1049 CLT-BOS N714US A319 2111 US1097 BOS-PHL N715AE E135 0626 AA4863 CMH-LGA MQ4863 N715AE E135 1854 AA4735 RDU-LGA MQ4735 N715AE E135 2041 AA4830 LGA-SDF MQ4830 N716AE E135 1744 AA4807 CVG-LGA MQ4807 N716AE E135 0739 AA4645 BDL-RDU MQ4645 N716AE E135 1229 AA4786 DCA-LGA MQ4786 N716AE E135 1404 AA4804 LGA-CVG MQ4804 N716UW A319 1812 US0932 DFW-CLT-SYR N717AE E135 1258 AA9804 MQ9804 N717JL B712 1636 FL0407 HPN-FLL N717JL B712 1448 FL0659 PBI-HPN N717UW A319 1550 US1224 MSY-DCA-BUF N717UW A319 2105 US0760 PHL-PIT N717UW A319 1758 US1740 BUF-PHL N718AE E135 0916 AA4846 LGA-YYZ MQ4846 N718GM GLF4 0948 GS0001 N718UP DC8-71F 0313 UP0558 PHL-MSP N718UP DC8-71F 0019 UP0557 MSP-PHL N720AE E135 1453 AA4656 RDU-JFK MQ4656 N720AE E135 1836 AA4783 DCA-BOS MQ4783 N720PS CRJ7 0924 US2239 LGA-CLT-HSV N721TW B752 0644 DL1025 BDL-ATL-JAX N721UW A319 0635 US0943 KBUF-KDCA N721UW A319 0903 US0981 DCA-TXKF N721UW A319 1328 US1635 BDA-DCA N722TW B752 1344 DL0097 EGPH-JFK N722TW B752 1825 DL0005 SLC-JFK-LGW N722US A319 2147 US1920 PBI-DCA-BUF N722US A319 0701 US0793 PVD-DCA-MYNN N723AE E135 1401 AA4790 DCA-LGA MQ4790 N723AE E135 1044 AA4529 BOS-RDU MQ4529 N723AE E135 1553 AA4901 LGA-CLT MQ4901 N72405 B739 0914 CO0471 EWR-SJU N72405 B739 2054 CO0468 EWR-LAS N724AE E135 0900 AA4821 DSM-LGA MQ4821 N724UW A319 0828 US2165 LGA-DCA N724UW A319 1033 US2166 DCA-LGA N724UW A319 2031 US2189 LGA-DCA N724UW A319 1455 US2174 DCA-LGA N724UW A319 1632 US2181 LGA-DCA N724UW A319 1819 US2182 DCA-LGA N725AE E135 2026 AA4861 DTW-LGA MQ4861 N725AE E135 1020 AA4872 PIT-LGA MQ4872 N725UW A319 2030 US0857 BOS-LAS N727AE E135 1629 AA4789 LGA-DCA MQ4789 N727AE E135 1111 AA4899 LGA-CLT MQ4899 N727AE E135 1829 AA4792 DCA-LGA MQ4792 N727AE E135 1959 AA4793 LGA-DCA MQ4793 N728AE E135 1613 AA4851 LGA-YYZ MQ4851 N728PH ERJ 2050 XA0000 N730US A319 2017 US2141 BOS-LGA N73152 B762 1831 CO0019 EGLL-EWR N73251 B738 1838 CO0348 EWR-SFO N73251 B738 1456 CO1580 SEA-EWR N73259 B738 1505 CO0476 SJU-EWR N73259 B738 0731 CO0470 EWR-SJU N732DH E135 0838 AA4778 DCA-BOS MQ4778 N732DH E135 0721 AA4592 BOS-DCA MQ4592 N733KR E135 1956 AA4549 SDF-RDU-JFK MQ4549 N735TS E135 1432 AA4776 DCA-JFK MQ4776 N735TS E135 0748 AA4788 LGA-DCA MQ4788 N736DT E135 0955 AA4649 EWR-RDU MQ4649 N736DT E135 1218 AA4564 RDU-BOS MQ4564 N736DT E135 2059 AA4677 RDU-BDL MQ4677 N736DT E135 1818 AA4664 BDL-RDU MQ4664 N737MW E135 1600 AA4883 DTW-LGA MQ4883 N737MW E135 0905 AA4890 LGA-CLE MQ4890 N737MW E135 1307 AA4880 LGA-DTW MQ4880 N737US A319 1606 US1182 CLT-LGA N737US A319 0906 US1821 ABE-CLT-MYR N738NR E135 1034 AA4894 CLT-LGA MQ4894 N739AE E135 1014 AA4881 MEM-LGA MQ4881 N7402 C680 1419 XA0000 N742PS A319 1031 US1790 TPA-DCA-BDL N744P A319 2123 US1624 MSY-CLT-LGA N745VJ A319 0838 US2025 BOS-DCA N745VJ A319 1337 US2035 BOS-DCA N745VJ A319 1853 US2045 BOS-DCA N745VJ A319 1607 US2038 DCA-BOS N745VJ A319 2117 US2048 DCA-BOS N746UW A319 1840 US0706 DEN-PHL-MUC N746UW A319 1023 US1553 PHL-DEN N746UW A319 0757 US1937 ORD-PHL-PBI N746UW A319 2031 US1606 PHL-DTW N748SW B737 0958 WN2877 MHT-BWI-JAX N749US A319 0338 US0000 N749US A319 0733 US1099 PHL-JAX N750BP C750 1505 XA0001 N750GM C750 1220 XA0001 N7514A MD82 1053 AA1883 EWR-ORD N7519A MD82 1812 AA0360 TUL-ORD-LGA N7519A MD82 2009 AA1297 LGA-ATL N751PT C525 1123 XA0001 N751UW A319 2003 US1860 MDPC-PHL-BUF N751UW A319 1851 US0886 CLT-PHL N7526A MD82 1157 AA0356 ORD-LGA N7526A MD82 1349 AA0333 LGA-ORD N7527A MD82 1108 AA1718 MCI-ORD-BOS N7530 MD82 1600 AA0446 SAN-DFW-PHL N7530 MD82 1730 AA1527 PHL-DFW N7533A MD82 1108 AA0386 STL-ORD-LGA N7533A MD82 1305 AA0329 LGA-ORD N7535A MD82 1739 AA2223 LGA-STL N7535A MD82 1559 AA0720 DFW-LGA N7539A MD82 0838 AA0309 LGA-ORD-PHX N753US A319 1808 US1888 MSY-PHL N753US A319 2023 US1755 PHL-DCA N753US A319 1018 US1557 BOS-CLT-RDU N753US A319 0658 US0870 LAS-BOS N7549A MD82 1130 AA1617 LGA-MCO N754AN B772 0857 AA0142 JFK-JFK-EGLL N754UW A319 1756 US2043 BOS-DCA N754UW A319 2004 US2046 DCA-BOS N754UW A319 0755 US2023 BOS-DCA N754UW A319 0956 US2026 DCA-BOS N754UW A319 1259 US2033 BOS-DCA N7550 MD82 0740 AA0664 YYZ-LGA-MCO N7550 MD82 1653 AA1051 LGA-RDU-AUS N756US A319 1745 US1465 PIT-PHL N756US A319 1940 US0755 LFPG-PHL-CLT N757UW A319 1602 US0714 BOS-PHL-LIPZ N757UW A319 1202 US1648 JAX-PHL N758QS G200 1511 GS0001 N75998 CRJ2 1337 YV7255 N760NC DC9-51 0748 NW1775 PHL-DTW N760NC DC9-51 1820 NW1143 BWI-DTW N760US A319 1437 US2037 BOS-DCA N760US A319 1156 US2030 DCA-BOS N760US A319 1942 US2047 BOS-DCA N760US A319 1711 US2040 DCA-BOS N76151 B762 1811 CO0051 FRA-EWR-IAH N76202 MD83 1524 AA1948 DFW-PHL N76202 MD83 1634 AA1415 PHL-DFW-SFO N76254 B738 0723 CO1535 EWR-PHX N76265 B738 2017 CO1619 TPA-EWR N762US A319 0641 US2115 BOS-LGA N762US A319 1223 US2126 LGA-BOS N762US A319 1446 US2131 BOS-LGA N762US A319 0819 US2118 LGA-BOS N76354 B733 0657 CO0333 LGA-IAH N764US A319 1722 US1762 PHL-DCA N764US A319 1558 US1154 MSY-PHL N764US A319 0756 US1907 BUF-PHL-MSY N765PT C750 0901 XA0001 N7667A B752 1818 AA1999 EWR-MIA N7667A B752 1839 AA0000 N766US A319 1412 US1644 DEN-CLT-LGA N766US A319 1611 US1445 LGA-PIT N767UW A319 2053 US2049 BOS-DCA N767UW A319 1804 US2042 DCA-BOS N768UA B772 1321 UA0915 CDG-IAD-SFO N768US A319 0826 US2022 DCA-BOS N768US A319 1527 US2039 BOS-DCA N768US A319 1030 US2029 BOS-DCA N769US A319 0830 US2162 DCA-LGA N769US A319 1237 US2170 DCA-LGA N769US A319 2027 US2186 DCA-LGA N77006 B772 1316 CO0098 VHHH-EWR N77012 B772 1611 CO0099 EWR-EWR-VHHH N77014 B772 1146 CO1921 EDFH-ADW N77080 A300 0712 AA0769 JFK-SJU N770UW A319 1921 US1134 PVD-CLT-DTW N770UW A319 0702 US1517 SYR-DCA-TPA N770UW A319 1722 US1880 MCO-DCA-PVD N771NC DC9-51 1456 NW0895 DTW-JFK N771UA B772 1855 UA0966 LAX-IAD-FCO N77303 B733 2135 CO1632 IAH-LGA N776AN B772 1907 AA0104 JFK-JFK-EGLL N77865 B753 1003 CO1730 EWR-CUN N78002 B772 1538 CO0085 LLBG-EWR N78005 B772 1133 CO0009 EWR-RJAA N780SP DA900 0629 XA0001 N790Z DA2000 0930 XA0001 N792CT CL601 0947 GS0001 N795BA GLF5 1813 GS0000 N797AN B772 1843 AA0100 JFK-JFK-EGLL N80084 A300 2111 AA1692 SJU-JFK N800AE E140 1647 AA4829 MSN-LGA MQ4829 N801MA E170 1207 US3335 PHL-DTW RW3335 N801MA E170 1017 US3362 MCI-PHL RW3362 N801MA E170 1525 US3482 DTW-PHL RW3482 N801MA E170 2105 US3429 BOS-IND RW3429 N801MA E170 1637 US3405 PHL-PIT RW3405 N801UA A319 0913 UA0845 EWR-ORD N801UA A319 1459 UA1199 BDL-IAD N802AW A319 0740 HP0679 KLAS-KBWI N802UA A319 1759 UA0689 LGA-ORD N802UA A319 1623 UA0682 MCI-ORD-LGA N804MD E170 1156 US3433 PHL-PIT RW3433 N804MD E170 1548 US3496 PIT-DCA RW3496 N804SY B738 1953 SY0241 MSP-JFK N805UA A319 1312 UA0679 LGA-ORD N805VZ CL604 1800 XA0001 N8067A A300 1918 AA0613 JFK-MIA N806UA A319 1032 UA0897 BOS-IAD-PEK N807AW A319 2126 HP0257 PHL-PHX N807UP DC8-73F 0838 UP4193 PHL-SDF N808MD E170 2011 US3468 BHM-CLT-YYZ RW3468 N809BA HS125 1222 GS0001 N809MD E170 1857 US3464 CMH-LGA RW3464 N809MD E170 1412 US3474 SAV-LGA-BUF RW3474 N809MD E170 1045 US3487 LGA-SAV RW3487 N809MD E170 1559 US3000 RW0000 N810UP DC8-73F 0001 UP1307 ATL-PHL N810UP DC8-73F 0305 UP1308 PHL-ATL N812AW A319 0716 HP0621 N812MD E170 0819 US3473 PHL-IAH RW3473 N812MD E170 1649 US3383 PHL-STL RW3383 N812MD E170 2145 US3316 STL-PHL RW3316 N812MD E170 0628 US3439 BUF-PHL RW3439 N813MA E170 2140 US3463 PHL-CLE RW3463 N813MA E170 1435 US3431 PHL-MSP RW3431 N813MA E170 0828 US3407 PHL-CMH RW3407 N814MD E170 1903 US3332 MCI-DCA-PVD RW3332 N815AE E140 1354 AA4722 BNA-STL-JFK MQ4722 N815AE E140 1631 AA4723 JFK-RDU MQ4723 N815AW A319 1551 HP0081 PHX-BWI N816MA E170 1158 US3386 PHL-PVD RW3386 N816MA E170 1358 US3457 PVD-PHL RW3457 N816MA E170 1605 US3490 PHL-PWM RW3490 N816MA E170 1016 US3488 BNA-PHL RW3488 N817MD E170 1548 US3404 RDU-DCA-ALB RW3404 N817MD E170 1750 US3485 ALB-DCA RW3485 N817UA A319 0848 UA0339 BOS-DEN-SEA N817UA A319 1905 UA0629 DCA-ORD N818NW A330-323 1609 NW0035 KBOS-KDTW N818TJ GLF3 1640 GS0001 N818UA A319 1744 UA0195 PHL-LAX N818UA A319 1650 UA0184 PDX-SFO-PHL N819AW A319 1613 HP0150 PHL-SAN N819AW A319 1400 HP0161 SAN-PHL N819MD E170 0926 US3320 CMH-PHL-RDU RW3320 N819MD E170 1207 US3319 MHT-DCA-DFW RW3319 N819UA A319 0743 UA1133 EWR-DEN-YYC N819UA A319 1534 UA0584 PDX-DEN-BOS N81SV DA900 1357 XA0001 N820HB GLF4 0106 XA0001 N820MD E170 1523 US3408 DCA-BTV RW3408 N820MD E170 1045 US3432 HSV-DCA RW3432 N820MD E170 1745 US3477 BTV-DCA RW3477 N820UA A319 0636 UA0097 EWR-LAX N821AY CRJ2 2004 9E4787 BOS-IND N822ST DA2000EX 1517 XA0000 N823HK E145 1601 LOF887 AX7887 N825AE E140 0949 AA4591 BOS-DCA MQ4591 N826AY CRJ2 1959 9E4779 IND-LGA N826AY CRJ2 1552 9E4785 BOS-IND N826MH B764 1726 DL0046 SFO-ATL-SVO N827MD E170 1958 US3374 RIC-LGA-IND RW3374 N827MD E170 1739 US3381 LGA-RIC RW3381 N827MD E170 1300 US3000 RW0000 N827MD E170 0803 US3356 PIT-LGA RW3356 N827UA A319 1857 UA0376 ORD-PHL N828AW A319 1637 HP0687 N828AW A319 1914 HP0688 EWR-PHX N828MD E170 0709 US3329 ROC-DCA RW3329 N828MD E170 1533 US3430 MCI-DCA-BDL RW3430 N828UA A319 0920 UA0634 ORD-EWR N830AE E140 0719 AA4431 HPN-ORD MQ4431 N830EF GLF4 1214 XA0001 N831UA A319 1611 UA0192 LAX-PHL N831UA A319 1738 UA0447 PHL-SFO N832AW A319 0500 HP0258 SFO-PHX N832AW A319 0804 HP0657 PHL-SFO N833AW A319 1014 HP0473 N833AW A319 0642 HP0058 SMF-LAS-JFK N833UA A319 0800 UA0605 DCA-ORD-PDX N834HK E145 0859 LOF914 AX7914 N834HK E145 1455 LOF918 AX7918 N835MH B764 2138 DL0114 ATL-ATL-LEBL N836UA A319 1759 UA1120 YVR-DEN-PHL N836UA A319 1929 UA1219 PHL-ORD N838UA A319 0630 UA0188 SFO-PHL N838UA A319 0716 UA1183 PHL-DEN-SAN N839HK E145 0856 LOF024 AX8024 N839MH B764 1814 DL0014 PHX-ATL-FRA N840HK E145 1813 LOF068 AX8068 N841HK E145 1725 LOF986 AX7986 N841UA A319 1336 UA0681 LGA-ORD N843AE E140 1344 AA4835 SDF-LGA MQ4835 N844AE E140 1413 AA4895 LGA-CLT MQ4895 N844AE E140 1224 AA4858 MQ4858 N844MH B764 1248 DL0075 MXP-ATL-LAX N845AE E140 1213 AA4658 RDU-JFK MQ4658 N845UA A319 1849 UA1143 EWR-DEN-YYC N846HK E145 0908 LOF888 AX7888 N846HK E145 0701 LOF972 AX7972 N846UA A319 2004 UA0631 DCA-ORD N847HK E145 0636 LOF917 AX7917 N847HK E145 0848 LOF960 AX7960 N8492C CRJ2 1756 9E4768 BDL-IND N849AE E140 1202 AA4780 DCA-BOS MQ4780 N849HK E145 1857 LOF881 AX7881 N850HK E145 1800 LOF000 AX0000 N850HK E145 2012 LOF036 AX8036 N850UA A319 1623 UA0271 PHL-DEN N850UA A319 1547 UA0264 DEN-PHL N851UA A319 1441 UA0683 LGA-ORD N851UP DC8-73F 0004 UP0543 MKE-PHL N851UP DC8-73F 0325 UP0544 PHL-MKE N852UP DC8-73F 0337 UP1484 PHL-DTW N8543F CRJ2 0901 9E4750 GRR-LGA N854UA A319 0623 UA0601 DCA-ORD N854UA A319 1058 UA0132 ORD-PVD N854UA A319 1238 UA0105 PVD-ORD N855GA HS125 1846 XA0001 N855UA A319 0901 UA0524 ORD-BOS N858RW E170 1335 US6499 CMH-ORD S56499 N860RW E170 1008 US6508 LAX-IAD S56508 N860RW E170 1233 US6507 IAD-LAX S56507 N8611A CRJ2 1119 9E5737 BOS-MEM-DFW N861RW E170 1737 US6466 HKG-SFO S56466 N861RW E170 1203 US6465 SFO-HKG S56465 N863RW E170 1112 US6463 GEG-DEN S56463 N863RW E170 1944 US6470 HNL-LAX S56470 N864RW E170 0741 US6463 GEG-DEN S56463 N867QS HS125 1659 GS0001 N867RW E170 0628 US6504 LAX-IAD S56504 N867RW E170 0854 US6468 HNL-LAX S56468 N868RW E170 1939 US6469 LAX-HNL S56469 N868UP DC8-73F 0326 UP1284 PHL-CLT N8698A CRJ4 1224 9E2850 LGA-DSM N8718E CRJ4 1104 9E5936 PHL-MEM N8718E CRJ4 0910 9E4794 IND-PHL N8783E CRJ4 1343 9E4778 LGA-IND N8847A CRJ2 0621 9E2917 SWF-DTW-GRB N885AR GLF4 1655 GS0000 N885QS HS125 1604 GS0001 N886G GLF2 0717 GS0001 N8877A CRJ2 1231 9E2940 ABE-DTW N8888D CRJ2 1904 9E4751 LGA-GRR N8888D CRJ2 1121 9E5935 TYS-MEM-PHL N8913A CRJ2 2028 9E3719 DCA-GRR N8921E DC9-31 1405 NW1675 DTW-EWR N8921E DC9-31 1619 NW0655 EWR-DTW N8926E DC9-31 0702 NW1514 PHL-MEM-BTR N8926E DC9-31 2136 NW1511 BTR-MEM-PHL N8933E DC9-31 0631 NW0658 EWR-DTW-MBS N893AT B712 1611 FL0483 MDW-BOS N894AT B712 2020 FL0957 DAY-BWI-FLL N895AT B712 1746 FL0673 MCO-HPN N895AT B712 1919 FL0668 HPN-MCO N900KJ DA900 1720 XA0001 N901FR A319 1522 F90510 DEN-LGA N902ME B712 2112 YX0015 MKE-LGA N902ME B712 1021 YX0001 OMA-MKE-LGA N902ME B712 1214 YX0004 LGA-MKE-MSP N902MP CL604 0916 XA0001 N903ME B712 1744 YX0056 DCA-MCI-LAX N903TC GLF3 1213 XA0001 N904AN B738 0954 AA1651 LGA-MIA N904FR A319 0830 F90447 PHL-DEN N904FR A319 0448 F90442 DEN-PHL N904ME B712 1610 YX0404 DCA-MKE N904ME B712 1133 YX0402 DCA-MKE N905ME B712 1820 YX0006 LGA-MKE N905ME B712 1607 YX0086 MCI-LGA N906AN B738 1107 AA1256 TPA-MIA-LGA N906AN B738 1255 AA2093 LGA-MIA N906ME B712 2101 YX0064 BOS-MCI N907ME B712 1402 YX0204 BOS-MKE-DFW N907ME B712 1217 YX0301 DFW-MKE-BOS N908AN B738 0622 AA1653 DCA-MIA-MBPV N908DL MD88 1538 DL1833 LGA-PBI N908DL MD88 0857 DL1083 PHL-ATL N908ME B712 1446 YX0016 LGA-MKE N909DL MD88 1534 DL1881 PHL-ATL-ELP N909ME B712 1442 YX0083 LGA-MCI N909MM DA900EX 1445 GS0001 N910AN B738 0722 AA0705 LGA-DFW-SEA N910ME B712 1757 YX0087 LGA-MCI N910UA B735 0909 UA0670 ORD-LGA N912ME B712 0715 YX0214 BOS-MKE-LAX N913WN B737-7H4 0951 WN0715 ISP-MCO N915AT B712 2040 FL0579 EWR-ATL-CHS N917ME B712 0707 YX0410 DCA-MKE N917UW B757 US 1204 US1286 MCO-PHL N917VZ GLF4 0714 XA0001 N918UW B757 1640 US9225 TNCA-PHL N918UW B757 1939 US1775 PHL-CLT N920AT B712 1536 FL0280 ATL-BOS N920DE MD88 1355 DL1449 PBI-BDL N920ME B712 2018 YX0059 DCA-OMA N921AT B712 2041 FL0492 BOS-ATL N921AT B712 1746 FL0818 BWI-BOS N921DL MD88 1631 DL1834 BOS-FLL N921DL MD88 0746 DL1787 KBOS-KPBI N921ME B712 0956 YX0080 MCI-LGA N921ME B712 1145 YX0081 LGA-MCI N921QS C750 0915 GS0001 N922ME B712 1214 YX0151 PHL-MKE-OMA N922ME B712 1004 YX0150 MCI-MKE-PHL N922UA B735 1832 UA0691 LGA-ORD N922UW B757 US 0808 US1019 BOS-PHL-MCO N922UW B757 US 1600 US0798 MCO-PHL-AMS N922UW B757 US 1830 US0751 BRU-PHL-LAS N923AT B712 0941 FL0360 ATL-LGA N923AT B712 1123 FL0202 LGA-CAK-ATL N924ME B713 1946 YX0157 PHL-MKE-OMA N924ME B713 1831 YX0156 OMA-MKE-PHL N925AT B712 1845 FL0401 ATL-LGA N925AT B712 2025 FL0357 LGA-ATL N925UW E190 B6 2052 US0788 PHL-LAS N925UW E190 B6 1853 US0722 MCO-PHL-DUB N926AT B712 0820 FL0342 PHL-ATL N926DL MD88 1354 DL0950 ATL-EWR N926ME B712 0731 YX0491 DCA-MCI N927UA B735 1436 UA0577 PHL-ORD-SMF N927UW B757 US 0959 US1071 PHL-SJU N927UW B757 US 0758 US1660 MCO-PHL N927UW B757 US 1805 US1024 SJU-PHL N927UW B757 US 1954 US0969 PHL-MCO N928DL MD88 0834 DL0656 ATL-EWR N928DL MD88 1014 DL0883 EWR-ATL N928ME B712 1808 YX0084 MCI-LGA N928ME B712 1101 YX0061 MCI-BOS N928ME B712 2013 YX0085 LGA-MCI N928UA B735 0830 UA0709 PHL-ORD N928UA B735 1306 UA0642 ORD-EWR N929AN B738 1158 AA2433 YUL-MIA N9302B MD83 1032 AA1590 DFW-EWR N9302B MD83 1229 AA1533 EWR-DFW N930AT B712 1637 FL0334 LGA-ATL N932QS C750 1651 GS0001 N9339 DC9-31 1132 NW0539 LGA-DTW N933AN B738 2130 AA1219 DCA-MIA N933AT B712 2118 FL0822 BOS-BWI N933AT B712 1851 FL0803 BWI-BOS N933AT B712 1455 FL0806 MCO-BWI-BOS N933EY GLEX 1742 XA0933 N934AN B738 0832 AA2015 DCA-MIA N934AT B712 1813 FL0436 BWI-ATL N934DL MD88 1017 DL1065 KATL-KEWR N935AT B712 1225 FL0660 HPN-PBI N935AT B712 2111 FL0373 LGA-ATL N935AT B712 1908 FL0364 ATL-LGA N935UW B757 US 0631 US1404 LAS-PHL N935UW B757 US 0903 US1075 PHL-CLT N937DL MD88 0830 DL1547 BWI-ATL N938AN B738 0724 AA2071 LGA-YYZ N938AT B712 2124 FL0493 TPA-BWI-PWM N938UA B735 1417 UA0357 BWI-ORD-DFW N938UW B757 US 1921 US0731 LGW-PHL-FLL N939FR A319 1822 F90449 PHL-DEN N939FR A319 1607 F90448 DEN-PHL N939UW B757 US 1505 US1591 BOS-CLT N939UW B757 US 1216 US1824 CLT-BOS N9404V MD83 1714 AA0384 SAT-DFW-JFK N9404V MD83 2059 AA0487 JFK-DFW N940N DC9-32 1958 NW0669 LGA-IND N940UW B757 US 0736 US1297 BOS-CLT-SJU N9413T MD83 0801 AA1142 ATL-LGA N941UA B735 0622 UA0337 PHL-ORD-MSP N941UW B757 US 0833 US1477 PHL-LAS N942UW B757 US 2151 US1829 LAS-PHL N942UW B757 US 0943 US1690 FLL-PHL N943AN B738 1511 AA1478 MIA-YUL N943QS C750 0851 GS0001 N944AT B712 1303 FL0598 SWF-TPA N944AT B712 0644 FL0868 PHL-ATL-MCO N944UW E190 US 1213 US1005 ORD-PHL-SJU N944UW E190 US 0803 US1891 PHL-ORD N944UW E190 US 0011 US0000 N945AT B712 0745 FL0220 PHF-BOS N945AT B712 1010 FL0273 BOS-ATL-STL N946QS C750 1251 GS0001 N946UW E190 1720 US1214 DFW-PHL N947DL MD88 1857 DL0887 BDL-ATL N947UW E190 2113 US1444 PIT-PHL N948AT B712 1509 FL0956 BWI-FLL N948UW E190 0743 US1472 SYR-PHL-ATL N948UW E190 1839 US1467 PVD-PHL N948UW E190 2026 US1649 PHL-YYZ N948UW E190 1403 US1638 ATL-PHL N949AT B712 1417 FL0469 DAY-BWI-MCO N949AT B712 1024 FL0705 BWI-DAY N949UW E190 1034 US1432 PIT-PHL N949UW E190 1144 US1273 PHL-DFW N949UW E190 1853 US1274 DFW-PHL N94PC DA50 1805 XA0001 N950AT B712 0659 FL0201 CAK-LGA N950AT B712 0854 FL0341 LGA-ATL N950UW E190 1701 US0768 BOS-PHL N950UW E190 1025 US9195 DFW-PHL N951AA B738 2107 AA1709 LGA-MIA N951AT B712 1727 FL0521 DCA-MKE N951DL MD88 2043 DL1792 TPA-BOS N951DL MD88 1250 DL0706 KATL-KBOS N951UW E190 1734 US1673 PVD-CLT N951UW E190 1529 US1600 CLT-PVD N951UW E190 1141 US1679 BOS-CLT N951UW E190 0757 US1851 BWI-PHL N951UW E190 0934 US1716 PHL-BOS N952UW E190-100 1507 US1086 BOS-PHL N952UW E190-100 0618 US1779 BOS-PHL-RDU N952UW E190-100 1104 US1950 RDU-PHL N952UW E190-100 2013 US0000 N953AT B712 1526 FL0601 SWF-ATL N953UW E190-100 1428 US1783 BOS-PHL N953UW E190-100 1128 US1604 PHL-BOS N953UW E190-100 0935 US1847 BOS-PHL N953UW E190-100 0643 US1812 PHL-BOS N953UW E190-100 1628 US1262 PHL-BOS N953UW E190-100 1905 US0776 BOS-PHL N954AN B738 0912 AA1114 MIA-LGA N954DL MD88 1634 DL1704 ATL-EWR N954DL MD88 1856 DL1561 EWR-ATL-JAN N954SP DA2000EX 1401 XA0000 N954UW E190-100 1219 US1146 RDU-PHL N954UW E190-100 0953 US1092 PHL-RDU N954UW E190-100 0754 US1592 ATL-PHL N955AN B738 1752 AA1530 MIA-LGA N955AN B738 1949 AA1761 LGA-MIA N955AT B712 1326 FL0575 ATL-EWR N955UW E190-100 1626 US0000 N955UW E190-100 1213 US1034 BOS-PHL N955UW E190-100 1916 US1137 PHL-DFW N956UW E190 0833 US1570 RDU-CLT-BDL N956UW E190 1104 US1855 BDL-CLT N957UW E190-100 1832 US0741 LEMD-PHL-ORD N957UW E190-100 0958 US1210 DFW-PHL N957UW E190-100 1640 US1410 ATL-PHL N957UW E190-100 1127 US1407 PHL-ATL N958QS C750 0934 GS0001 N959AN B738 0614 AA2185 LGA-MIA-CUN N959AT B712 1115 FL0279 ATL-BOS N959AT B712 1343 FL0269 BOS-ATL N959DL MD88 0852 DL1023 EWR-ATL-VPS N959UW E190 0805 US1991 RIC-PHL-ORD N959UW E190 1853 US1470 BWI-PHL-SYR N95WK LJ55 1639 UV0000 N961AN B738 0626 AA1107 DCA-DFW N9620D MD83 0625 AA0365 EWR-DFW N9621A MD83 1555 AA0368 DEN-ORD-LGA N9627R MD83 1013 AA1001 BOS-DFW N964DL MD88 0614 DL0953 BWI-ATL N965AT B712 1634 FL0572 ATL-EWR N965AT B712 1837 FL1693 EWR-ATL N965DL MD88 1345 DL1480 TPA-BDL N965TW MD83 1356 AA0677 EWR-DFW-PDX N966DL MD88 1211 DL0999 PHL-ATL N966DL MD88 1035 DL0970 BHM-ATL-PHL N9677W MD83 1407 AA2296 ORD-PHL N9677W MD83 1542 AA1729 PHL-ORD N967AT B712 1019 FL0627 MCO-PHL N967AT B712 2044 FL0372 ATL-LGA N967AT B712 1121 FL0629 PHL-MCO N967QS C750 0940 GS0001 N968AT B712 1748 FL0644 TPA-PHF-LGA N968AT B712 1941 FL0213 LGA-CAK N969AN B738 1827 AA2479 BDL-DFW-LAX N96FL I1125 2026 XA0001 N96JA GLF2 1658 GS0001 N970AT B712 0613 FL0188 SWF-ATL-STL N970SJ GLF4 1631 XA0001 N971TW MD83 1908 AA1432 DFW-EWR N972AT B712 1635 FL0411 ROC-BWI-ATL N972AT B712 1314 FL0486 ATL-BWI-ROC N972AT B712 2014 FL0646 ATL-HPN N974AT B712 0914 FL0285 BOS-BWI-DAY N974AT B712 1106 FL0452 BWI-PWM N974AT B712 1521 FL0464 BWI-PWM N974AT B712 1727 FL0489 PWM-BWI N974BK DA900 1359 XA0001 N977AN B738 1631 AA0479 BDL-DFW N977AT B712 1609 FL0222 FLL-PHF-BOS N977AT B712 1833 FL0811 BOS-BWI N978AN B738 1442 AA0749 LGA-MIA-MDST N978AN B738 1250 AA1124 MSY-MIA-LGA N979AT B712 1617 FL0369 LGA-ATL N979AT B712 1959 FL0275 ATL-BOS N979AT B712 1403 FL0366 SAV-ATL-LGA N979QS C750 0019 GS0001 N980AT B712 1816 FL0846 HPN-ATL N980AT B712 1537 FL0645 ATL-HPN N981AT B712 0854 FL0642 PHF-LGA N981DL MD88 0654 DL1201 KBDL-KCVG N983TW MD83 1509 AA1362 ORD-JFK N984US DC9-32 1823 NW0648 ORD-DTW-EWR N984US DC9-32 2034 NW0649 EWR-DTW N985AT B712 1732 FL0371 LGA-ATL N9871R DA2000EX 1014 GS0000 N987GK DA900 1555 XA0001 N988T DA900 0908 GS0001 N989AT B712 0628 FL9761 N989AT B712 1420 FL0852 HPN-ATL N991DL MD88 2016 DL0892 ATL-PHL N993AT B712 1112 FL0423 BWI-DFW N993AT B712 2139 FL0594 MCO-SWF N995AT B712 0643 FL0074 HPN-ATL-FLL N995AT B712 1345 FL0680 FLL-HPN N995AT B712 1540 FL0664 HPN-PBI N997AT B712 1646 FL0823 BWI-BOS N997AT B712 1245 FL0324 BWI-BOS N997AT B712 2121 FL0800 BOS-BWI-DAY N997AT B712 0842 FL0807 BWI-BOS OH-LGB MD11 1819 AY0000 OY-KBN A330 1812 SK0926 IAD-CPH PH-AOD A330 1455 KL0651 AMS-IAD PH-AOD A330 1830 KL0652 IAD-AMS PH-AOK A330-203 1146 KL075F EHAM-KATL SE-REE A330 1825 SK0904 EWR-ARN SP-LOA B762 2021 LO0015 WAW-EWR SP-LPB B763 1904 LO0007 KJFK-EPWA VPBEG DA900EX 1528 GS0001 VT-JEF B777-35RER 2132 YU0227 XA-MIA B737 1456 AM0402 PVR-MEX-JFK XA-MIA B737 1829 AM0403 JFK-MEX XA-MXJ A319-112 1608 MX0005 JFK-MTY-MEX XA-OVR GLEX 2108 XA0000


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